Long Weekend Ahead

Was there really no update since the 1st May? It's about time for a new post then. A few packages arrived and i'd like to share with you, what i got and what interesting things are available.

Let's start with some hobby products, colours. I got myself some primers from Vallejo for the Bolt Action stuff. The us vehicles may get excited about the olive drab. And all of the tanks will be happy about AK Interactive, along with the black paint set, not just for the tank crews, very usefull for Infinity Templars etc. as well. There will be more coverage on those upcoming.

Vallejo AKInteractive

PK Pro sent me some miniature holders in 32mm and 54mm, as well as the intersting masking putty. Hmm, colours for tanks, and masking putty, what am i up to? I'll be doing a more intense coverage on these as well, like a review.


And the freebooter wooden bases arrived for my Black Scorpion Dwarfs, which i bought back in january, so they will be properly based for Freebooters Fate. Christian was kind enough to got the Che for me from Salute, thanks to Gareth from Battlefront as well. And Black Tree Designs 50% off action got me some casualties of World War 2 troops. Nothing to get to excited, but solide. Shipping was easy and quick.

FFSetwoodenplank WIChe BTDcasualties

I am just doing some last minute packing to gather my hobby stuff. Why this? Well, i have a prolonged weekend coming up, at my parents house and gonna use these days with reduced internet and less gaming, to put some paint on miniatures. So let's roll.


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