Big cars and small houses

It took quite some time to get these, because availability and reasonable prices on them is quite rare. First we have a Mercedes Benz Type 770 "Grosser Mercedes" from the Matchbox Models of the Yesteryear Range. The other one is a fitting 1930s Lokomotive from the Fleischmann Magic Train Range, which works quite well with 28mm. The lokomotive is usually traded around 90 euros (and you have to be lucky to get your hands on the Reichsbahn Version), which is not a bargain for a piece of terrain. I got a "damaged" one, with the roof and funnel missing for a fraction of that. Both pieces are easy to scratchbuild.

I didn't find out about those trains by myself, i got the idea from the Stronghold Terrain Blog, by Elladan. Who has some great work going on there.

Models of Yesteryear - Mercedes Benz 770 Magic Train Lok

Beside that i managed to build a small village on the weekend. These are the Russian Log Houses from Pegasus Hobbies and are sold as 1:72 or 20mm, but work quite great for 28mm. You get them rather cheap, around 7-8 Euros per Box, which eather contains 2 small houses or a large one. I plan on basing the houses and keeping the roofs detachable, so i can put units inside them. The houses are generic enough to be used for quite some different settings.

Pegasus Hobbies - Russian Houses Pegasus Hobbies - Russian Houses

Other than that, i managed to base the two Star Wars Miniatures. Can't wait to put some paint on these, have to do a little bit of research before that though. Sad they didn't expand the range.


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