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As i am browsing through the boxes of my collection while cleaning and sorting out what i want to sell, i stumble upon half-assembled kits and / or things that i misplaced - but totally happy about finding them again. So i used some of the spare time in the last few weeks to - at least - assemble some of the kits.

Many of those are tanks or armoured vehicles from world war I, interwar or world war II peroids. And you really notice if you have a newer or older kit on your hands. That Ferdinand for example is one great cast and really detailled, no comparison to the BA-6 in the other picture. Both from Warlord Games.

Tank Builds Tank Builds

I have to add, i really like the Bolt Action "hybrid" kits. They use a plastic kit and add things in resin and pewter to pimp it up. That worked great with the Blitzkrieg Pioniers (amazing value!), and some other boxes. One of the newer hybrids is this Pionierwagen, and i keep asking myself, why don't they do that more often? With the Sherman, the M3A1 etc. there is so much room and possibilities.

Warlord Games - SdKfz 251/7c Pionierwagen Warlord Games - SdKfz 251/7c Pionierwagen Warlord Games - SdKfz 251/7c Pionierwagen

All the parts were clean casted. Resin is easy glued, but with all the mixtures of materials, pewter is usually a bit of pain in the butt, as the weight of the bits can really bring out the worst in you during the build. That Panzerbüchse just wouldn't stay in place ... damn you!

Warlord Games - SdKfz 251/7c Pionierwagen Warlord Games - SdKfz 251/7c Pionierwagen

A nice kit is this Phänomen Granit truck. The windows have a thing resin film, so you could keep that in and paint it like windows. I cut them out, placed a Empress Miniatures driver into the drivers seat (earworm!) and left the top unglued until painting. I had to file of a bit of the driver, to make him fit into the cabin, but it worked. This truck is so generic, it can be used for everything from 1930 until ~ 1950.

Warlord Games - Granit Truck Warlord Games - Granit Truck Warlord Games - Granit Truck

Part II of the tank / vehicle building coming soon.

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