Masks, Doors and Dices

A bit of a mixed posts for today, i did a bit of painting for a friend of mine, Kschenk. A repaint of a paintball mask. The mask was simply black with a slight silver drybrush, but he wanted it to look more like the mad max villains mask, so i grabbed P3 Hammerfall Khaki along with Reaper Linen White and got busy. As far as i know, Klaus will add tubes to get even closer to the look of Immortan Joe.


And as i am currently busy with terrain building, i need a few bits. You might remember the 1:72 Italeri church that i bought. I got some Thomarillion doors to cover up the small 20mm doorways, but unfortunately the main entrance is to bulky, so i ordered some sets by Tabletop Art. Beside that, i'll be building some more terrain and those are great details to add.

Tabletop Art Doors

To keep with the terrain, in one of the Facebook terrain builders groups, i saw these and had to get them myself. 18 telegraph poles for roughly 8 bucks is quite a deal. They aren't as tall, as they should / could be, but for wargaming purposes, this is close enough. It's the little details, that give live to your gaming board.

Dapol Telegraph Poles Dapol Telegraph Poles Dapol Telegraph Poles

And finally, after nearly 2 month my NAF membership gifts arrived, a pair of dice and the official 2015 coin. Let's get ready to rumble - in style!

NAF Coin and Dice

More Updates beginning from monday. Thanks a lot for reading, come by again soon and leave a comment if you like this blog!

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