Frostgrave Blisters and Individuals

Frostgrave is more than just the plastic kit. North Star offers quite a lot of Blisters with the initial release, so i beefed up the Soldiers with a bunch of magicians and wizards.


As usual, i don't care that much for the rules and their effectiveness. I choose miniatures by their design, their looks. So i went with the necromancers, the thaumaturges, the elementarist and enchanters. The casting is solid, a bit of mold lines and flash to clean up, but other than that quite good. Especially for the small price per miniature, 6 pound for the set of 2.

Frostgrave Frostgrave Frostgrave

Along with the wizards, i ordered a set of two summoned creatures, a golem and a construct. Same 6 pound for the blister and same quality of casting.


I chopped off the sockets and put them on my Frostgrave bases. A bit of work, but with the proper tools, not that big of a problem. I used Army Painter side cutters (i use different sets for plastics and metals), the hobby saw and a nailfile.

Frostgrave Frostgrave

As i mentioned in the review of the regular Frostgrave Soldiers, you can mix the parts up with some other manufacturers easily. I put in some parts from Fireforge Games and Gripping Beast, to build additional soldier types. I used a spear arm from Fireforge Games to receive a staff and to build a tracker miniature. An arm pair from the Citadel Range White Wolves Knights, a Breton helmet and Fireforge Games body make a good templar. And some Gripping Beast viking parts (body and cloak), along with a breton head and citadel shield, along with Frostgrave arm pair with sword, will give you a knight. I build another northern knight just using viking parts.

Frostgrave Frostgrave Frostgrave


If you get creative, you can build quite a lot different types, i used the spear arms and axe heads to build Infantryman, Fireforge Bodies to build Man-at-Arms. Another set of long range soldiers as well as a marksman based upon fireforge body and crossbow. The last picture shows a thug, a tracker and a ranger.

Frostgrave Frostgrave Frostgrave

I bought the couple of frostgrave blisters along with my pledge for the second Nickstarter at Miniaturicum.

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