sprues, tanks and handworker stores

Some items, some very useful items, you find in the handworker stores. While catching some items for work, i grabbed a few sheets of abrasive paper and some clamps. You get such things specificaly for model building, but the diy-store usually have the more reasonable prices.

Schleifpapier Klemmen

I ordered the Red Sailors from Tsuba Miniatures a few weeks ago, and they arrived. Lovely miniatures, sculpted by the talented Paul Hicks, so they fit right in with my Empress and Bolt Action miniatures. Proper 28mm scale, a lot of different poses.

Tsuba - Red Sailors Tsuba - Red Sailors

Along with the Red Sailors i got the Freikorps specialists and Markus was kind enough to even add some upcoming miniatures. Those are some early and mid-war romanian soldiers. Not sculpted by Paul Hicks, but well detailled.

Tsuba - Freikorps Tsuba - Romanians

At the end of last month was Thanksgiving and as such Black Friday. I took the offers at Warlord Games by chance and got myself some sprues and tanks. A couple of Fallschirmjäger and Grenadiers for Bolt Action, and two Celt sprues for Frostgrave. They had a buy 3 tanks, get 20% off, and i chose a KV1 and KV2 as captured vehicles, and a Jagdpanther. And Baron Nishi, but i'll go into detail in the next paragraph.

Warlord Games - Black Friday Warlord Games - Black Friday Warlord Games - Black Friday

Almost a year ago, i built a statue with a mispacked miniature and ainsty castings memorials. The 40mm perry range looked useful for that purpose, so i got an officer from that range. Baron Nishi has a stoic pose, so i thought, he might be a suiting equestrian statue. Might raise the statues, by giving them extra height with bases.

Statues Statues

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