Holiday business

After this "marathon" of posts during December, i use the holidays to spend some time regenerating and relaxing.

Since mid-december i enjoy a couple of tv shows on Netflix while tinkering, i can only recommend Ray Donovan and The Americans. What else is on between christmas and new year? I am working on some of the articles i announced in the christmas post, taking care of terrain and the following.

The first is a Reaper Master Series 54mm miniature of an US Army serviceman. Solid cast, details are good, could be better but it is okay.

Reaper - Master Series US Army Serviceman Reaper - Master Series US Army Serviceman

I thought about putting him on a 50mm oder 40mm wood plinths. Not sure, if the 50mm is too large, or the 40mm is too narrow. Might use the smaller one, as the large plinth distracts from the miniature, due to its size. What do you think?

Reaper - Master Series US Army Serviceman Reaper - Master Series US Army Serviceman

And did a mock-up with terrain pieces that i had around, some boxes, crates and wares, among others by Micro Art Studio and Ainsty Castings. The sandbags are by lucky punk, and the casting is great. You get a lot for your money.

Crates & Boxes Lucky Punk Miniatures

I like the generic design, you can use them with historic as well as sci-fi settings. And the crates and boxes work with fantasy as well. Freebooter took them in as an additional article in their range for Freebooters Fate. Clever move and good choice!

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