Happy New Year

I hope everybody had a happy new year!

Happy New Year 2016

What are your wishes and resolutions for 2016? Well, obviously, for any wargamer it is to actually do more within the hobby, like painting and gaming. Same counts for me.

About my wishes? Well, we got a lot of plastic in the last years, and i hope that keeps on going. I would love to see more quality and updates on older ranges, as some eras and settings are rather narrow if you take a look at your miniature options. Things that i am looking forward to are;

  • Victrix Ancient Spanish in plastic and 28mm!
  • Interesting novelties from Clockwork Goblin
  • More Bolt Action Plastics
  • Even more tanks by Rubicon Models

Things that i would like to see in 2016, and are more or less wishful thinking

  • Less useless novelties
  • Consolidation in the market and stronger participants
  • More Interwar miniatures
  • A more thoughtfull use of crowdfunding
  • Maybe modern combat (by the Perrys?!)
  • Chevrolet 30cwt truck for the 8th Army
  • Some "Papertanks", E-75 etc. in 1:56

I'd love to see more unity in the tabletop scene, especially in Germany. We have some interesting concepts and ideas, but the "sectionalism" costs a lot of energy and keeps many projects from growing. There are many examples, where this Niche-in-Niche growth is killing the relevance of that niche, and many aren't aware of how little their peer-group is and such more or less irrelevant in matter of possible sales / profit.

Beside that i am contend with the developement in the last months. I was able to sell of some of the projects i don't pursue anymore, and going to continue this trend. On top of that, yes, there were not only a few additions to my collections, but i declined some pretty good offers for new projects, due to their improbability of completion / success. The chaosbunker growed online, with more content, less wip-projects, more articles, reviews and topics that i had on my mind, and for me, that is a satisfying starting position for a new year.

With that, i'd like to send you off into 2016 and wish you a good start into this new "beginning".

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