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December is moving forward, closer to christmas and it is time again to cover some more picks from pinterest and the boards.

The french Blog le Kouzes is entirely focussed on 40k, some really nice conversions and he covers an advent calendar as well. Just look at this conversions, like the arbites from the latest human Blood Bowl team, the flyer based upon a knight or this extensive plague centurion. If you dig into it, you'll find years and years of content, going back to 2008 (56 articles alone back then...).

Le Blog de Kouzes Le Blog de Kouzes Le Blog de Kouzes


Next one is the blog of the Bitter Old Painters. They are part of the Tale of Painters Blog Network and cover both Warhammers and WarmaHordes. The blog is run by three danish painters, Johan, Andreas and Rasmus. It is mostly sci-fi themed and many recent products, but very impressive conversions and sculpt work.

Bitter old painters Bitter old painters Bitter old painters
Bitter old painters Bitter old painters Bitter old painters


zigoR from the club Tabletop Rhein Main, covers two very interesting projects that he shared in the club board and at Sweetwater as well. His AWI Continental Army and his Deutsches Afrika Korps. Especially the second projects captures me, as it has very earthy, natural colours and a dim composition.

zigor - SdKfz 222-1 zigor - SdKfz Alte zigor - AWI Church zigor - AWI Indians zigor - DAK Infantry

That's it for today, really take the time and visit those blogs, come by again soon and leave a comment or give me a like on Facebook if you like this blog!

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