Jumping from 2016 to 2017

Happy New Year!

After a relaxing last evening in 2016, let us welcome the new year! It was a cold, foggy sky last night, but the city was lit up by fireworks.

New Years Eve 2017 New Years Eve 2017

What happened 2016 on the chaosbunker? Roughly 100 new posts last year and added quite a lot of review as well. The advent calendar was quite a handful, as you can see in the overview below.

Bolt Action - Sherman VC Firefly Gates of Antares - C3M4 Combat Drone Forged Monkey - Ragnok, Norse Orc Hero

Day 1 - Rubicon Models M10 / M36 Tank Destroyer
Day 2 - Caesars Legion for SAGA
Day 3 - Tabletop Wargames – A Designers’ & Writers’ Handbook
Day 4 - Oldhammer much?
Day 5 - Bolt Action Sherman V
Day 6 - Pinterest: Inq28, Mutiny and Conversions
Day 7 - Bolt Action Sherman Firefly VC
Day 8 - Furor Teutonicus for SAGA
Day 9 - GaleForce9 – Battlefield in a Box
Day 10 - Games Workshop on the rise?
Day 11 - Pinterest: Grim Dark, Steampunk and the sands of Africa
Day 12 - Beyond the Gates of Antares C3M4 Combat Drone
Day 13 - Celt-Iberians for SAGA
Day 14 - Micro Art Studio Wolsung Markets
Day 15 - Ayora Studio – Meinolf, the last Captain
Day 16 - Bolt Action Churchill Heavy Infantry Tank
Day 17 - Crooked Dice – Paranormal Exterminators Vehicle
Day 18 - Pinterest: Vaults, Swamps and Deserts
Day 19 - Forged Monkey – Ragnok, Norse Orc Hero
Day 20 - Gripping Beast Late Roman Infantry
Day 21 - The Walking Dead – All out War Miniature Boardgame
Day 22 - Star Wars – Rogue (Trader) One
Day 23 - The Walking Dead – All out War Scenery Booster
Day 24 - Merry Christmas

What's waiting in the new year for my dear readers?

First of all, after not being able to participate in a few wargaming events last year (missed out on Spiel 2016 and Crisis in Antwerpen), but I made it to Salute in London, as well as the Bitbox and a few wargaming related events like Stahl auf der Heide at the Tankmuseum in Munster and visits to expositions like the Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg and others. Never the less, I'm looking forward to catch up on some of the events again this year - and try to add a few new events to my schedule, like maybe finally make it to Tactica or visit UK Game Expo in Birmingham.

Beside that, I'll continue on my personal projects in Bolt Action and SAGA. I used the prolonged weekends, treated myself with a proper cup of tea (that I nicked the misses) and assembled some Germans and Iberians while going through the first one and a half blu-rays of six with bonus material to the Hobbit movies. And I started on the M26 Pershing, converting it into a Super Pershing, as well as preparing those Caesar's Romans bases with filler. Both will be covered in more detail in seperate posts.

SAGA Assembly Bolt Action - T26 Super Pershing SAGA Romans bases preparation

Review-wise expect some books, along with boxes, kits and sets to the systems above, as well as some Sci-Fi goodies, Antares, 40k and more.

So eventual, I would like to thank you all for visiting, reading, commenting etc. in the last year. Looking forward to continue in the new year, expand it a bit further, would love some more interaction and am very happy about the new followers on facebook. Have a great new year and remaining sunday.

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  1. just wanted to leave a late “thank you” comment for all the content, reviews and articles you provide! I really enjoy visiting your site. please keep up the good work!

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