Para Bellum – Reinforcement for the Romans

While currently preparing a load of reviews, painting terrain and base colours, I got a small reinforcement for the SAGA Romans.

SAGA - Warlord Games Caesarian Romans Blisters

Warlord Games added some characters to the caesarian romans, among them the generic officers and two blisters with named characters. As I already set up Titus Pullo & Lucius Vorenus as my Warlord, I was looking for variant, mounted and unmounted. The mounted roman officer shared the body with Julius Caesar, just another arm and head added. Scalewise it matches the plastic and metal range, but has slightly slender proportions.

SAGA - Warlord Games Caesarian Romans Officers SAGA - Warlord Games Caesarian Romans Scale

Warlord does offer a blister with 10 dice with roman numerals as well and I thought this would be a nice gimmick for the romans, to use special dice. Fun fact, this is not historical, as roman legionaries / soldiers would use dice very similar to those we use to today, but scratched from stone or bone.

SAGA - Warlord Games Romans Dice

Oh and then there is the Scorpion, not sure how to make use of this rule wise in SAGA, but I like the model and will see if I find something appropiate in A fantastic SAGA to bring it into the game. Otherwise this will be used more as a terrain piece or objective.

SAGA - Warlord Games Caesarian Romans Scorpion

As I'm pretty close to finish my mediterranian terrain project, I'm thinking about doing some roman houses next. Still have to do some research on them, but found some awesome tutorials online.

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