Blood Bowl Team Introduction – Skycastle Titans

A guest article by Daniel / DinoTitanEdition on his Blood Bowl Underworld Team, the Skycastle Titans.

„Boss! Boss! Da ogres are gon‘!“
„What do you mean ´da ogres are gon´? How iz we suppos’d to play now? And more important – how qill we survive dat?“
„EEEEK…sorry-sorry coach goblin boss – we from clan Rigens coincidence-coincidently heared that. We too want-want to field a team. Why-why not play together?“…

And with this we welcome you to a small team showcase at the Chaosbunker! For more than a year now, the re-release of Blood Bowl has been out now – enough reason take a look at a few team project from the community.

Originally it was my plan to field an ogre team, but as fast as I did progress with the little greenskins, the more difficult it was with the ogres themselves. When I realized that these were still too much of a challenge for me, my old friend Swarley offered me the remains of a Skaven sprue and two stormvermin. The idea for an Underworld team was born and I started to expand the goblins with a few rats.

Blood Bowl - Skycastle Titans Blood Bowl - Skycastle Titans

I mainly built the models from the Warhammer 40K Grot kit and gave them a shoulder plate, which originated from the elbow plates of the Age of Sigmar `Ardboys. The helmets were each formed from a small ball of green stuff, which was pressed onto the heads and pulled into shape.

Blood Bowl - Skycastle Titans Blood Bowl - Skycastle Titans Blood Bowl - Skycastle Titans Blood Bowl - Skycastle Titans Blood Bowl - Skycastle Titans

The Skaven did not need self-made helmets, as they already resembled the current Blood Bowl Skaven team in their basic form quite well. One of the stormvermin was upgraded with an arm from the old mutation sprue of the classic chaos warriors, as I always wanted to use that piece. One of the throwers got a ball to make it recognizable as such.

Blood Bowl - Skycastle Titans Blood Bowl - Skycastle Titans

My favorite models of the team are the coach and the tiny guy. The coach was a simple conversion of a grot head bit and a gnoblar body as well as the banner pole with the Squig from the 40K ork nobz kit. The small guy also hails from this box and is a converted ammunition grot.

Blood Bowl - Skycastle Titans Blood Bowl - Skycastle Titans

I am still undecided in regards of the troll. At first I wanted to convert a river troll. I love these models and they really look amazing. But the old plastic troll from the Warhammer 7th edition starter set is also tempting.

So, if you like this little introduction let us know in the comment section below and stay tuned for further progress.

Until then, see you next time at the Chaosbunker!

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