Ford M8(a) captured vehicle and further winter gear

On the weekend I managed to do the last touches on the captured M8 Greyhound, named Ford M8(a) by the Germans. Applying the last few weathering bits and the fitting decals onto the vehicle.

Bolt Action - Ford M8(a) Greyhound

I used the Decal Fix and Medium by Vallejo, quite easy to use and the results speak for themself. Some suggest that you prepare the area with gloss varnish, I just used the Decal Medium, placed the decal and added a few thin coats of Decal Fix to soften the edges. Later "protect" the decal with matt varnish (and it dulls the decal a bit and makes it blend better with it surroundings).

As the turret is a rather unforgiving surface for the decals, I cut them in the middle and placed them above and below the ring around the outer turret. And to match it with the winter torn vehicle, did a bit of damage to the decal afterwards.

Bolt Action - Ford M8(a) Greyhound Bolt Action - Ford M8(a) Greyhound Bolt Action - Ford M8(a) Greyhound

The Ford M8(a) will be part of my winter Germans of Unternehmen Greif / Ardennenoffensive. I used the Rubicon kit of the M8 Greyhound to convert it, and it is shown next to the Panther M10 by Warlord Games.

Bolt Action - Panther M10 Ersatz & Ford M8(a) Greyhound

I prepared a few of the Winter Germans, and to boost the different sculpts, I added a few of the Gebirgsjäger as well. For the veterans I went with the recently released Waffen-SS in winter gear (not pictured) and have a squad of American GIs in winter gear as well, that will be used as Brandenburgers / Einheit Stielau / Panzerbrigade 150 Infantry Squad.

Bolt Action - Germans in Wintergear

The next two vehicles to be painted in winter camo are already prepared, they will be the US 2,5t Cargo Truck (as a fitting transport for the "undercover" units) and a Ersatz StuG. Both models by Rubicon. They will be supported by a Opel Maultier, that is still in production.

Bolt Action - US 2,5t Cargo Truck & Ersatz StuG

The Ersatz StuG was already prepared with the field conversion parts, as seen in the link above. I added some stowage (from the German Stowage set by Rubicon) in the back and a camo blanket to the back.

Bolt Action - Ersatz StuG Bolt Action - Ersatz StuG

So currently waiting for the opportunity to prime both vehicles and give them a proper winter camo. The paint job of the StuG is pretty clear, as with the CCKW I'll have to do a bit of research to see how that one looked in winter. If you're interest in the Winterwar on the western front, take a look at my review of the Battle of the Bulge for Bolt Action. I'll take my time and give a bit more attention to this project, so stay tuned and leave a comment.

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