Dead Man’s Hand: Outlaws – Part 3

With the growing number of gang members, the concept and backgroundstory of the gang gradually grew as well. Seamus McMiller is Eugene's younger brother and comes from another affair of old McMiller. To illustrate that they're brothers, I tried to use the same colors as on Eugene.

The only exception to this was the shirt. While I was painting, I had the idea of distinguishing the brothers primarily by the color of their shirts.

Dead Mans Hand - Outlaws Seamus McMiller

I painted the shirt in a very bright blue and then shaded it with a blue wash. In retrospect, it would have been better to darken it with either black, or with a shade of brown. At the time I was simply unaware that the shirt would create a slightly uneasy picture with the remaining, rather warm colors.

Dead Mans Hand - Outlaws Seamus McMiller

The model itself is from Artizan Designs this time and is very similar to the style of the old Foundry models. However, there were a few pitfalls: the mouth is quite deep, but big enough to look weird, if you just wash it with a dark color. So I had to paint in a few teeth, which proved to be tricky due to the depth.

Another hurdle was the inside of the arms and the back. Cast films are often found here in the spaces in between. Here too, I am one experience richer now. I should have simply cleaned these passages with a file, rounding them off and indicate the remaining elements by painting them on. Since the look is nicely exaggerated and comic-like, the back bends a bit too much together, which is why you have to be more careful with the highlights.

Dead Mans Hand - Outlaws Seamus McMiller

Finally, a little fluff, which continues the previous parts of the story.

No shot, no hit

"You should have just blasted him for his impudence Pops." Seamus said, grimacing in disgust.
It was the same thing over and over. They robbed the bank, were treated like the village idiots and later brought the money back. If it were up to him, he would have shot some of those fools on the first bank robbery already. This warning would've shown everyone that you should not mess with him and his brothers. But Pops was too good a guy. A long time ago, he might have been a tough dog, but the mining business and the years had softened him. Secretly, Seamus thought to himself that Pops did not have what it took to lead the family clan anymore.
Honest work. The words alone made him feel sick when he thought about digging in the musty tunnels. He did not want to just "borrow" the bank's money. He wanted to keep it. Moreover, he was thirsty for putting pressure on the inhabitants of the city. He had already seen in Tucson and Sierra Vista that a little blackmail could bring much influence to an ambitious man such as himself. If you did it the right way, you could rise to high positions and put your feet up for the rest of your life. Seamus would have used any means neccessary for this. Instead old McMiller finally yelled at him:
"Shut yer hole Seamus! You're not allright in your head anymore. I'm growing tired of your ongoing escapades. You're lucky that the townsfolk haven't called the Sheriffs yet, or some overzealous Marshall."
Seamus always had to let this old donkey know it best. He had not fired a shot at this bank robbery. Not one. One day, so he swore, he would send the old man to hell himself. Until then, he would have to lay low and so he replied with a barely surpressed sarcasm dripping voice:
"Yes Pops, you're right Pops. As always Pops.".

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