Dead Man’s Hand: Outlaws – Part 5

It's Wednesday, and this means it's time to introduce another member of my Outlaws for Dead Man's Hand. The McMiller brothers should all have a color-coordinated look to bring out their family bond. For the henchmen, on the other hand, I wanted them to look like a very different bunch, made up of very dissimilar characters.

"El Toro" was McMiller's right-hand, stoic and loyal. Weasel, on the other hand, should be of a completely different nature. The miniature from Artizan Designs had a wonderfully devious posture and I wanted to underline this with the paintjob.

In a quick research, I let nature inspire me both in name and in the color scheme. Weasels are generally considered clever animals and often have a dark and light brown color, which I also captured on the cloth of the Outlaw, by painting the visible part of the trousers in Beasty Brown, from Vallejo, and the coat in Oak Brown, from Army Painter.

Dead Mans Hand - Outlaws Weasel

As the model was very simple and the color choice did not do much to focus the eye on a certain spot, I decided to paint the hair and mustache blonde. So I managed to direct the look onto the head which was slightly ducked inbetween the shoulders. This elaborated Weasel's devious character even more.

Dead Mans Hand - Outlaws Weasel

Since I now had two henchmen with animal names, this became the pattern for the second part of the Outlaws and will also prevail for the next gang member.

A malicious mind

Damn, Tanner's men got messed up and he couldn't help it. For months Weasel had subtly persuaded Eugene to do business with the Mexicans. The plan was simple - they would steal the cavalry's weapons, sell some to the banditos, and turn a small amount of it over to the Indians. Snake-in-the-grass had taken care of the corresponding connections.
But then Juan appeared, "El Toro". That wasn't good, because it meant old McMiller knew about Eugene's problems. Weasel had planned it all out so beautifully. The Indians would get some rifles, Eugene would have spiked Tanner, Weasel would pocket a small income under the hand for Eugene's delivery, and in the end deal with Mr. Tanner himself regarding the weapons.
But now things had changed and he had to improvise. Hm...maybe he could manage to straighten things out anyway. He knew that fat fool had a tendency to gamble and liked to get drunk in the saloon. On Wednesdays there was a small, closed round after the saloon officially closed. Yes...that was a good idea. Not only did he get rid of Eugene, but Tanner's banditos and McMiller's misguided breeds would also gun each other down. He could use that for himself and whisper this knowledge into one or the other ear for a few dollars extra. Only El Toro, he would have to dispose of sooner or later himself.

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