BLOOD BOWL – Journey of the Maulers: Fans

In the introduction, I talked about giving the team a new paintjob. As explained the team color should not be red, because I had already painted the Gouged Eyes in their classic look and after quality had suffered from a rushed attempt, I couldn't get satisfied with blue anymore either. Yellow was a color I had never really tried before. Although I had other color combinations in mind, for me personally, yellow was simply the color that united the cheekyness of the orcs best within the community - hard but clever, clever but hard. For the color to work, it must be seen in the right places and needs very hard accents on the edges.

But I didn't know that at that time and I wanted to test the color on a different model instead on a member of the team right away. Since I am a big friend of strenghtening the immersion of the setting, it was clear to me that I wanted to have a small bleacher with fans. Since Orcs do not have to pay too much attention to a consistent style, it was a good opportunity to test different styles of yellow. Now the only question was which models I should use for the fans. Around the same time, I had stopped playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles, as the amount of miniatures needed was enormous and I had to lower the standard here as well, should I ever want to see the horde completely painted.

Well, what can I say, in my Warhammer army that plan had failed, but I had kind of grown attached to the models and so it seemed appropriate to give them new life by practicing yellow as a color on them and at the same time give them better painted quality. No sooner said than done. I grabbed two old Orcs from a regiment, snipped off their weapons, repositioned their arms as if they were just involved in a fight and painted them anew. In general, Blood Bowl not only persiflates the sport but also its fans, so a bunch of hooting, belligerent hooligans would look well on the sideline of the field.

From lousy foot soldiers to die-hard Blood Bowl fans …

BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers

The Kneebreakaz fanclub

The Maulers are a team that has existed for many years, but has never been really successful. It's different thing with their followers though. One of the most famous hool...uh... I mean group of fans, are the Kneebreakaz. They're proud to smash five knees of other fans on each match day. Why they have only four dashes in their clubs logo? PSHT! Don't ask that too's their usual excuse to cause a fight and break a few knees ...



While his tactical insights tend to be limited to deliver the best punches while the opponent is at arm's length, that's enough for Orcs to consider him a strategic genius among his peers.

BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers


Gabru Kniebrecha

Gabru is a Maulers fan of the first hour and his fan club, the Kneebreakaz, are known all over Badlands. His biggest dream is to play for the Maulers one day himself.

BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers


Greetings from the Chaosbunker


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