Preparing the limited & collection section

I have a soft spot for show and con miniatures, exclusives and to some degree limited models. Over the years, I collected quite a few of these of the shows and events I visited. In some cases, like at Salute for example, you can buy remaining stock of older event miniatures at the show, and I often use these chances to complete my collection.

Limited & Collectors Miniatures

I currently store them in these boxes and have multiple ones filled with miniatures from Salute, Crisis, Games Days, Tactica and so on. I was thinking on how to archive and present these similar to for example Collecting Citadel Miniatures or SoLegends on here. With some additional details maybe, as far as I can find them, on who sculpted them, what inspired the miniature and so on.

Event Miniature - Crisis 2018 Event Miniature - Mini Art Con 2009 Event Miniature - Salute 2003
Limited Miniature - Space Marine Captain Event Miniature - Tactica Limited Miniature - Josef Bugman

But as I think that the "regular" backdrop picture would be a bit boring, I was thinking of designing a template, that I could put the images of the miniature into, that would cover the additional info as well. So I hit the google image search and started tinkering. First I thought that vintage sport cards or the old Kenner blister packs would be an interesting style to present them. They cover additional info as well and that could easily be replaced with the cause for the miniature, the year it was released and the name etc. But then I remember my own childhood, and if you grew up in Europe / Germany, you'll probably have heard of Panini stickers. They covered football teams and every two years the European and World Championship. And often candy like Hanuta or Duplo would have them inside the packaging during these event as well. Many bedposts and desks of kids would be covered in those stickers.

Star Wars Blistercard Topps Baseball Card Mike Schmidt Panini Sticker Gerd Müller

I even found a configurator for those stickers online, that generates them after you upload a picture and add a couple of information.

Event Miniature - Salute 2003 Event Miniature - Crisis 2018

I would have to change the design specific to match my purpose. But what do you think? Which one would be the best way to go? Do you have any suggestions or feedback?

Posted by Dennis B.

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  1. what about the quartet format? you know those card game comparing sizes/ flight height/ speed of airplanes/ trains or whatnot.. gives you some fields for event date/ material/ event/ name of historical original…

  2. That’s quite a great idea. I’ll keep that in mind.

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