Oldhammer – The hunt – progress update

I am quite happy to announce, that my hunt on the Oldhammer stuff, that I covered a couple of weeks before, was rather successful. Via the introduced and mentioned channels I managed to acquire some interesting kits and spare parts to build the Imperial Guard retro project around.

Warhammer 40,000 - 2nd Edition Oldhammer Warhammer 40.000 - Oldhammer Leftovers Warhammer 40.000 - Oldhammer Leftovers

With the Basilisk it was a bit tricky, as for some reason, the new kit is currently Mail Order only and thus making the used kits "more" rare. As with the Basilisk, one of the main problems are missing parts, like the fence on the rear being incomplete. I didn't care for the crew, as that was added later in the third or fourth edition and not part of the initial release in the 2nd edition. A crew that was important for me, was the one of the Griffon tank. I managed to buy the pair of soldiers, incl. the commlink back pack, and got quite some treasures with them. Yes, that are the old cardboard and necromunda bulkhead terrain pieces. And the stack on the right is vehicle accessories sprues, mostly complete. Believe me, I'm in heaven. Especially with buying older vehicle kits, often the hatches or some parts like that are missing or incomplete.

But what was I missing or looking for the longest? Well, actually the last puzzle piece arrived last week. The cadian comm-link trooper, took a bit time and was a bit more expensive - compared to the other items, not as a miniature itself. Try finding old Harlequin jetbikes, that will drill holes in your pocket.

Warhammer 40.000 - Cadian Commlink Trooper Warhammer 40.000 - Imperial Guard Tanks Warhammer 40.000 - Imperial Guard Sentinel

But ontop I struck gold. I managed to set up a contact from abroad, that supplied me with new-in-box, untouched, partly even still shrink-wrapped Imperial Guard vehicle kits. As this is so much more convenient compared to stripping and restoring some of the vehicles I bought in the meantime, I'll sell those painted kits off. Give me a note, if you're interested in a Leman Russ Battle Tank and Demolisher, painted in black.

The Sentinel wasn't on my original wishlist, but I came across it and it is complete metal, so easy to clean and a definite Oldhammer worthy kit for this project. The price was reasonable, so I added that one to the project as well.

Oh and then a happy coincidence, White Dwarf of February 2019 comes with a temporal distort! (a.k.a. #throwbackthursday 😀 )

Games Workshop - White Dwarf Februar 2019 Games Workshop - White Dwarf Februar 2019 Games Workshop - White Dwarf Februar 2019

They included a 16 page booklet covering classic battle reports between Jervis Johnson and Andy Chambers, with a very prominent one from White Dwarf UK Issue #154. That's October 1992, well before any German White Dwarfs were released. Just look at that retro battle scene on the back between the Orks and Ultramarines. A very awesome additional and goodie with the White Dwarf. Haven't had the time to take a closer look on the march issue, but that one looks promising as well.

So what's the current status? I got all the stock that I need for my Oldhammer Imperial Guard project. I'll cover the clean up and restoring part as promissed, and I'll do reviews on the old / vintage kits, of course, similar to the newer articles that I wrote here, including a bit of history on the kit, what's new, what has changed and as a special bonus as part of the oldhammer coverage, what to look for, to stay out of trouble or to ensure "maximum joy" with the 2nd hand kits you're acquiring.

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  1. I wouldn’t mind the Leman Riss, if you can yeet it across whatever borders the UK ends up having at the end of this month…

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