May Dance

Just before German Labour Day, May 1st, the White Dwarf arrived along with the latest two warbands for Nightvault.

Games Workshop - May Releases

In addition I picked up the Citadel water pot at my local Warhammer store. If you're wondering about the cover, that's a subscription issue, where the artwork covers the whole front as a special service for the subscribers.

White Dwarf May 2019

The new White Dwarf introduces the upcoming Funko Pops with Warhammer license. It was introduced a while back on Warhammer Community, and I know those toys / collector models from a local store, CTU Koblenz. Funko Pop covers a lot of different brands, and I really mean a lot. Just look at the shelves at CTU Koblenz. I am an occasional customer, pick up some imported drinks and sweets. I'll talk with Marlon, maybe I can take a couple of pictures of these, when they arrive.

CTU Koblenz - Funko Pops CTU Koblenz - Funko Pops

Otherwise White Dwarf has a couple of interesting articles, covering a lot of Ynnari, the "new" all kinds of Eldar race, covering the Craftworlds, Harlequins and former Dark Eldar (now Commoragh). There is an article on the new 2019 model of Abaddon the Despoiler, review can be found here as well, talking about the old model, different artwork and how all of this was combined into the new kit. A bit similar to what I wrote for the introduction of the review, but of course with more details, because who would know better as the guy who sculpted the new model why he did it that way?

A lot of kitbashing ideas, covering characters of all kinds of Space Marine chapters, but those Blood Angels Interceptors, using parts from the Sanguinary Guard, are just so awesome, that I'd like to share them here. I could imagine using the wings for Dark Angels as well, along with robes, for the real Angels of Death vibe. Then there is this Shattered Temple shown in an painting tutorial and in different variants within the battle report. I expect that kit to be released / up for preorder in the next couple of weeks.

White Dwarf May 2019 White Dwarf May 2019 White Dwarf May 2019

And I got myself the Citadel Water Pot. I found this review on Tangible Day, another wargaming dad, and found the article helpful. It's 6,50 EUR which is a reasonable price. But you might think, why not just use a glass, a mug or maybe something with a lid, like a jar. Well, you could, but I really like the product design, as this pot covers a couple of clever features, that I really think of as usefull.

Citadel Water Pot Citadel Water Pot Citadel Water Pot

It has ridges and is corrugated on the bottom and walls of the water pot, which makes it easier to clean a brush. I guess you need less force to remove paint from the bristles that way, making cleaning less "harmful" for the brush. And it has these neat little "swaths" on the side, that you can move the tip of the brush through, to bring it into shape. Lovely design and at the price worth giving a try. I'm currently a lazy painter and if it takes that couple of quids to get me back painting, so be it.

As for the remaining two Underworlds Warbands for this season, I'll do the whole set of 6 warbands in the next weeks, in pairs of two. Really looking forward to build the Kharadron Overlords, as the design is so different from the Colin Dixon and Aly Morrison sculpts, that shaped the way Warhammer dwarves looked like for so long.

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