Warhammer Koblenz First Store Anniversary

Games Workshop released an article on the updates on the store anniversaries on Warhammer Community and the local Warhammer Store here in Koblenz will have their Store Anniversary party next friday on November 16th.

It is kind of interesting to have an "actual" Warhammer store around the corner. I've seen the coverage of the events in the old White Dwarfs and some of the goodies or store exclusives pop-up on bring & buys or eBay (sometimes for ridiculous prices). And as the store is right around the corner from where I work, I can drop by and pick up some of these things. Just got the posters for Blackstone Fortress a couple of days ago.

Warhammer Koblenz Store Opening Party Warhammer Koblenz Store Opening Party

One thing to understand is the slightly "odd" choosing of the date. There is a store opening party, I've covered that one on here as well, and then 3 months after that, the birthday party is held. So, a couple of items that were already available at the store opening, but would normally available not until the actual anniversary were these two, that will be up for sale again.

Games Workshop Store Anniversary Darrakar Games Workshop Store Anniversary Primaris Captain

But that's not all, they will although have paint mats, dice and the special Chaplain in Terminator armour. That one was already available before but only after you filled up a card with stamps (you would get one for spending a certain amount of money each), but they ditched the card thing. So you can buy that miniature regularly at the event.

Games Workshop - Space Marine Chaplain in Terminator Armour Games Workshop - 'Eavy Metal Dice Games Workshop - Citadel Paint Mat

The dice are 'Eavy Metal metal dice and the paint mat, that is the Citadel Paint Mat, but with the aquila instead of the Citadel Logo. And further items, that weren't explained in detail. But I assume some left over stock from the store opening, badges and pins, and such.

The Store Anniversary will start around 2 p.m. and goes on open end on Friday November 16th. That date will be annual date for the store anniversary.

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