BLOOD BOWL – Journey of the Maulers: Old Blood

The team's four Blitzers all have an individual history and when I looked through the old background snippets some time ago, I just realized how much character the most offensive part of the team had.

Borag Oldblood is the team's oldest player and by the way, the only remaining player of the original squad, long before the Maulers rose to fame for the first time. All other players have since been replaced by better ones, traded in favor of more lucrative contracts on the transfer market, or have simply died in the course of their careers.

BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers

Old Borag is what you would call solid in Blood Bowl circles. He's usually in the right place at the right time, even if his success rate for tackling or blitzing is rather mediocre.

The only big success he could celebrate was six years ago when the Maulers won the Wolfenburg Wintercup in 2490. Although he also participated in the first Challenge Final in 2493, he does not like to talk about it, as he spent most of the game unconscious in the dugout.

BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers

The same scheme that I used to paint Rotfang, was applied on Borag. I just wanted to see how several players with a black helmet and arm next to each other would look like. I have to say, I like the idea to paint certain parts of the armor in other colors, but I think that's a scheme for a different team.

BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers

What I liked a lot was to implement a red element. The talisman made of fur worked well on the belt in that color and I'll try that further on other models, just to see if it would get along well with the general look as an extra spot color.

BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers

Now, five players are ready so far, one of which is a star player. A third lineman is still waiting for his paintjob, because when I built this team, I often only played with three black orcs and preferred to have an apothecary right from the start of a league. But I'll talk about strategies for Orc teams in one off games, tournaments or leagues another time...

   Although Borag was aware that this was't new equipment, it still felt good to wear the colors of a team again. He still remembered his beginnings as a player. At that time he had thought of nothing but a nice little brawl in which the opponent could't run away when the fun started, but over the years he had come to appreciate the game for it's other facettes as well.

   Especially the camaraderie that developed within the group was something he had come to know and love. Soon he would be back on the field. Together with da boyz.

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