Lords of WarCry – Da Redfists, Part 1

The WarCry hypetrain is in full throttle in the vastness of the internet and we also heard the call to arms in the Chaosbunker. Personally I'm going to work on parts of an old project and continue with it, because I have a lot of unpainted minis lying around at home for Age of Sigmar, but I didn't play anymore after the release of the second edition. Participating in a group project is a good opportunity to reduce the pile of shame a little bitand still have fun.

Respect da Redfists

      The Orruks raised their weapons bursting with fighting spirit and beat their Choppaz rhythmically onto their armour and shields while shouting out challenging war cries on the battlefields of the Eightpoints. The Bloodtoofs were ready for another scrap! Amidst the furious sea of green bodies and red armour, the Redfists marched, disciplined in rank and file, proud to be even better and harder than any other greenskin. Their iron mob cheekily shoved itself next to Uraugh's brutes. When Uraugh noticed this, he turned around and screamed:

   "Back to the back rows! Gits don't belong at the front!"

   "Then why are you here?" replied Gotmork Redfist, the leader of the mob.

   Gotmork had proven himself in many battles, and rumors went that that he was even stranger than the other Ardboys. No one could say for sure what that meant. But that didn't matter to Uraugh anyway. An Ardboy was no real Ironjaw and only Ironjawz had the right to choose the best fights, he thought to himself. Especially as Uraugh could not tolerate that a little Ardboy acted stupid to him. He stalked at Gotmork, dragging his smasha along his boss claw, creating sparks between the two weapons.

   "You want some bashin', eh?" he said mockingly.

A circle immediately formed around the two opponents, but to Uraugh's astonishment, the leader of the Arboys did not turn tail, but straightened up instead and, with a malicious smile, knocked his weapons against each other. Uraugh did not hesitate. His smasha rushed down from above towards Gotmork, who skilfully avoided the momentum and parried it with his choppa. But the maneuver had been a feint. While Gotmork had fended off the blow, Uraugh grabbed him with his boss claw and tried to hold his other arm.

   As it turned out, however, the Ardboy had expected this and the parade with which he had fended off the attack served at the same time to gain momentum. He hit Uraugh.

   A moment later, his arm and the Bossclaw lay on the ground, cleanly separated at the joint. Turning around his own body, Gotmork also released his forearm from the grip of the claw and the backhand swing sank his axe into Uraugh's head. As the Refists returned to formation, Gotmork caught the eyes of the other Ironjawz. An amused grin spread over their faces and some even nodded at him.

   Gotmork knew he had earned the respect of the Bloodtoofs today, but he was no fool. He would never turn his back on them in the future...


Ah yes, I always had a thing for the armoured greenskins during classic Warhammer times and I' ve collected quite a large pool of different models of Ardboys. Although I can also take Brutes for my warband, I decided not to include any of these killing machines in my mob. The Redfists were my first Blackorc mob in Warhammer Fantasy and I will reinvent their story and port it into the Age of Sigmar, where even in the last corners of all realms everyone shall know that da Redfists are the hardest and best! Now on to the first member of the mob...


As one of the newest members of the Redfists, Ugtur swings his axe with the same cunning and brutality as the other Redfists, but before his boss, Gotmork Redfist, he has yet to prove himself. The Eightpoints are the perfect opportunity for him to show the other warlords who are actually the toughest around in the mortal realms.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Lords of WarCry Da Redfists Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Lords of WarCry Da Redfists


Greetings from the Chaosbunker


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