Lords of WarCry – Da Redfists, Part 5

It is possible to make an Orruk with two bashas from the sprue of the Ardboys. I must confess, the clubs have such a wonderfully dull and brutal appearance that I really wanted to have an orruk with two of them. I also like the look of the faces of the Ironjaw Brutes and I think that an army always looks like it belongs together when it has a common recognition value like the facial features and heads.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Lords of WarCry Da Redfists Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Lords of WarCry Da Redfists

That's not so easy with greenskins from Games Workshop. Over the years, many different facial features and head shapes have been added to the Orcs/Orruks that look so different from their each other that they sometimes don't even seem to belong to the same race. So I grabbed one of the heads of the Brutes and put it on an Ardboy. I took the opportunity to try some new tricks paintwise. With human models it is quite easy to paint wrinkles on the forehead by accentuating first roughly and then very precisely. The illusion of a three-dimensional wrinkle is created. I used the same procedure at the neck as I described in my article for painting tricks.


"What's better than a basha? Two bashaz!". Nobgrod belongs to the simpler minds among the Ardboys and feels most comfortable when he has his opponent at arm's length. His perseverance in battle makes him a reliable member of the Redfists and his bluntness the terror of his enemies.

Another gimmick is the helmet. Although I like it when models can be seen without a helmet, I always ask myself "Where did the helmet go?". So this time I glued it on, so that it looks as if it was hanging from a loop on the belt. In any case I wanted to show on the model that the helmet did not get lost, since the full plate is a trademark of the Ardboys.

Now, after I've painted five of the nine Ardboys half of the way is travelled. Time to play a few games...


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