Of Kings, Knights and Halloween on the Black Seas

It is the Halloween weekend and I thought that I had seen a horror-scenario for Black Seas, but I am unable to find it. Anyhow, there is Dreadfleet, of which I used the battle mat from the boxed set already with Cruel Seas.


Dreadfleet was a bit of a surprise back in 2011, when it was released as a stand-alone boxed-set. The rumours lead many to believe, that we would see a re-release of 1993's Man-o-War.

It featured very well designed and diverse miniatures (even smaller factions like Chaos Dwarf or Arabia had their own ships), among them terrain and rather rubbish rules. The ships fit in scale roughly the Black Seas 1:700th scale, so you could use the Ghost Ship for a Flying Dutchman scenario, and even fits in the time-period. The terrain is of course very Warhammer-esque, so lots of skulls and such. But especially the sunken ships fit quite well and I think the island with the fortress on top could be converted or used as is, if not taken to seriously.

Dreadfleet Dreadfleet Dreadfleet

This weekend the updated Questoris Knight pack was released and the new parts are available as an upgrade pack as well. I already did a review on the Imperial Knights, but will do an updated article with the new kit.

Adeptus Titanicus - Questoris Knights

And this weekend a new Netflix movie was released, The King - the story of Henry V and Agincourt. It is part of your Netflix subscription. I already enjoyed last years, The Outlaw King, about Robert the Bruce in the 14th century and his battle against the English.

The mid-part was a bit lengthy, after a proper start, it was a lot of talking and the next "action" shown is the Battle of Agincourt itself, at around 1h 40m into the movie. Very gritty and muddy fight. Looking forward to the reviews in the upcoming days by the historians.

Netflix - The King Netflix - The King Netflix - The King

Of course, it was more than lightheaded to watch this kind of movie, while the initial plan was to get some titans or ships painted, as it would trigger the need to toy around with the superb Perry Agincourt range.

Perry Miniatures - Agincourt

Next up the reviews on the Black Seas plastics and as mentioned further above the AT Questoris Knights.


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