Journey of the Maulers: Blackorcs

Blackorcs are always a tricky one for me, because according to the fluff they have noticeably darker skin than other orcs. For the fans I painted one by using the same colors as in the tutorial for ordinary orcs, but this was a very, very time-consuming method and I was looking for a recipe that would allow me to keep the comic-like look and still achieve a visually appealing result. Meanwhile I think I found my recipe for it, as I also found a good base color in the Vallejo Game Color range: Dark Green. Dark Green is a little brighter than the classic Dark Angels Green by Games Workshop and can be highlighted relatively well with Bonewhite or shaded with a black wash.

Journey of the Maulers - Borr Eightkilla Journey of the Maulers - Kragg Ratmaula

For the skin of the Blackorcs, I proceeded as follows:

  1. Base color Dark Green
  2. Shades with Dark Green + Black + some paint thinner (medium) were painted directly into the recesses and hard-to-reach areas.
  3. The base color was highlighted twice in relatively large spaces by the addition of Bonewhite.
  4. In this mix I added somet white and accentuated the edges (really only add a tiny amount, the best way is to do this in multiple small steps) . I repeated this for a second and a third time on the face and knuckles.

Borr Eightkilla

The Brutal Cup takes place regularly in the Badands, a tournament hosted mainly by orcs (who would've guessed). As the name suggests, it's primarily about dealing damage to the enemy. The ball is a secondary matter only there to stay true to the sacred writings of Nuffle. Borr once managed to kill eight opposing players in one match...

Journey of the Maulers - Borr Eightkilla Journey of the Maulers - Borr Eightkilla

I am quite satisfied with the result so far and will keep this recipe for the next two blackorcs as well. This is quite important for me, because the blackorcs were the last unpainted models in the original team, as I was simply not satisfied with the skin colour after the first model. Now I've even finished two of them and the other two will come along soon.

Kragg Ratmaula

Kragg got his nickname in a game against the Skycastle Titans when he hit the opposing team captain, the stormvermin Woerth Lessrat, so hard that his skull was totally shattered. The Titans may have found a new captain with Clubber Thrallbite, but Kraggs reputation remained and Clan Rigens gave him the nickname Ratmaula.

 Journey of the Maulers - Kragg Ratmaula Journey of the Maulers - Kragg Ratmaula

Now that a good half of the team is painted, it's time to play a few games. There are six more models left - that's exactly enough for the six games I have planned for the first season.


Greetings from the Chaosbunker


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