Fences for my Rohan town

We've added barrels and crates to the fantasy town, what's next? A bit of fencing! Along with the barrels, I ordered the palisade fencing at Renedra.

Renedra - Barrels and Fence Renedra - Fence Renedra - Fence

Each bag comes with two sprues, with 4 piece of fence and 5 posts. They are 5 GBP per double-pack of sprues.

Casting is okay, as is the fit. The piece are designed in such a way, that they create a 30 cm straight. But if you get a bit creative you can build them in angles / corners as well. The only problem is, that you're missing a few spare posts, to have an end for the fences. You have to make sure the fences are the right side up, as some of the longer palisades raise the fence and won't make it properly fit to the post.

Fun fact, these were sculpted by Bob Naismith, yes that Bob Naismith.

The fence fits the 28mm scale and can be used for quite a lot of different settings. You can see it is almost the same heights as the fence pieces from the Rohan houses. I think it is best to handle, if you keep them at max. roughly 15 cm / 6 inch, as you can see it above. The only problem is, that the fence don't cover enough posts to support the whole segment.

Renedra - Fence Renedra - Fence

Due to the design, you could even lay them flat and use them as wooden walkways. A bit more rugged than the ones included in goblin town or Lake Town houses. And by that would fit other games like Freebooters Fate.

Renedra - Fence Renedra - Fence

So we have quite a few bits to upgrade our little settlement - let's put them together. This is just a mock-up to see if it works they way I intended it. Terrain has the advantage that is usually painted up pretty fast. And along with some of my backdrops, my own or rather some of Dinos painted miniatures, we could create some really, really nice scenic pictures.

The Lord of the Rings - Rohan House Scene Mockup The Lord of the Rings - Rohan House Scene Mockup The Lord of the Rings - Rohan House Scene Mockup The Lord of the Rings - Rohan House Scene Mockup

But the shown Renedra fence is not the only product, that would fit a medieval / generic fantasy setting. Renedra for example covers multiple different fences, I guess the second product from that range would be the wattle fence a good fit as well. Games Workshop still offers the old Warhammer fences and walls, a set that is really nice and works. Rubicon has a log fence, that could be used.

There are of course a couple of MDF options for fences, but for myself those are rather bulky and the material is to thick for the "fine" structure. That might be one of the reasons why you usually don't see resin fences, more likely brick walls, for example by Micro Art Studios, that I covered here as well.

Next step? I should probably get painting and show you some of the pictures that I mentioned above ...

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