Oldhammer Empire Banners

I used to have quite the collection of Warhammer Fantasy Empire miniatures. A total of around 22.000 points and therefore I was quite invested in that topic. I enjoyed input like the great WHFRP sourcebooks like Sigmar's Heirs or lore books, like Uniforms & Heraldry of the Empire or Blood on the Reik.

Warhammer Empire Warhammer Empire Warhammer Empire

For that reason I created a couple of banners for my army of Carroburg, and as I was asked by other wargamers and empire enthusiasts, I created blank templates and a few more icons to toy around.

Carroburg - Banner

I have uploaded a few pre-coloured and blank templates for you to modify, as well as iconography and heraldry to add to these. All of these are provided as vector based PDFs so you can scale them up or down, without quality loss.

Banner - Instructions

There are the banners them self, in different sizes and colours.

Oldhammer Banners Oldhammer Banners

Download: Oldhammer Banners Unicolour PDF

Download: Oldhammer Banners Duocolour PDF

And then of course a few icons and coat of arms to add to them.

Banner - Coat of Arms

Download: Oldhammer Banner - Coat of Arms PDF

I have further files, like the Carroburg banners above, but I have to clean up the PSD files of those, to be structured and helpful to others. I'll clean those up and add them in another article, as a free download.

About using the files above. Do as you like, as long as it is non-cormmercial. So don't put them behind paywalls, claim them as your own or other missuse, or you shall roll 1s until you drop your last die.

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