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I dediced to split the wargaming content from my private account, dennismit2n, to cover wargaming in a more focused and pure way. Along with not drowning my family and friends with plastic toys. I already did take care of that on facebook a long time ago by using lists, so I only share those contents with people that have some connection with our wargaming hobby.

Of course, the chaosbunker instagram starts fresh. I have to see if I'm able to transfer some of the stories to that account (I guess that's not possible), but other than that, I'll probably do some throwbacks and move regular posts from one channel to the other.

Instagram - Chaosbunker

And I think that is a good motivation to take some new pictures of my painted miniatures, with better gear and lighting. So watch out for that, the showroom will see some updates.


I think this split will give me more freedom / flexibility, especially with event coverage more - I know not the hottest topic of 2020. Never the less, if you haven't use Instagram so far, because you associate it with people taking selfies, hipsters and wanna-be foodies, there's much more to it. And it has a much more positive approach than other social media platforms (and by using hashtags / the follower system you can filter much more comfortable as well). A few examples:

Instagram - Broncofish Instagram - Anvils of Konor Instagram - Curis Ninja Bread Instagram - Rapid Tabletop Instagram - The Green Mountain Man Instagram - 3D Roleplay

Give it a try, I'm looking forward to your follows.

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