Frostgrave: A Sword and Sorcery Adventure – Part 4

Due to my private commitments, the Frostgrave project has frozen a bit at the moment, but I'm currently trying to pick up the thread again and have changed a few little things on my warband that I simply didn't like.

Frostgrave - A Sword and Sorcery Adventure Frostgrave - A Sword and Sorcery Adventure

The modifications are limited to the visual appearance only. First of all, one of the goons urgently needed a more natural pose. The stretched out arm, which made him look a little bit like a theatre puppet, was cut off and trimmed in such a way that I was able to reattach it in a slightly bent position. This gave the model the impression of a more tense posture and it now really looks as if he would take a swing with the club.

I took a different approach with the archer. Every time a mini is finished, I write a little piece of story. Since she is supposed to be stylistically the former sidekick of Barosch, I adapted her appearance so that she now looks more like a hunter, who can also take care of herself very well. The quiver for the arrows now has a short way to grab them and a well packed backpack and knife now decorate the back of the archer.

Of course, these are only marginal modifications, but I can only recommend this small extra step to anyone who wants to give his models more character. The effect usually changes the figures dramatically and this is also reflected in the atmosphere on the table.


So, from now on more Frostgrave again - greetings from the Chaosbunker


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