Weekend Update CW 23/2020

From one short week to the other, welcome to the weekend update.

Earlier this week, I got the info that Heresy Lab did ship out the special Mordheim miniature of Luthor Wulfenbaum. This miniature was produced for the occasion of 10.000 members in the Mordheim group, and everything was coordinated by Tuomas Pirinen.

Heresy Lab - Luther Wulfenbaum Heresy Lab - Luther Wulfenbaum

Dino got me join in in the summer project on TabletopWelt, and not just me, so there will be a couple of small wargaming projects run by young dads - the chaosbunker daddies. Behold! A wild father appeared! I went with the beastmen for the Realm of Chaos project, it'll be 18 miniatures in 3 months. For that reason I stocked up on my browns, and Radaddel did a hell of a job and they arrived within 24 hrs of my order.

I almost ran out of plastic glue and my go to brand is Revell Contacta. I tried my luck at the local toy store, but it seems that the last revell glue there was bought by me around 14 months ago and they didn't feel the need to restock such a basic item (I'd have sold off the 2 meters of poor model stock a long time ago if I were them or at least restock basic items ...). You can cry a lot about online "destroying" brick & mortar, but if you're not able to fulfill these very basic demands, just leave it be. Anyhow, went online and was amazed how overpriced this product was - usually these go for around 3 EUR per bottle, but the cheapest I found was 5 EUR in a multi bag and I wasn't going to spend 20 EUR. Anyhow, I found a model racing store and got them at a reasonable price with reasonable shipping and they arrived within 36 hrs of my order. Therefore a thankfull shoutout to GoKarli.

Realm of Chaos - Brayherd Warpaints & Game Colours Revell Contacta Plastic Glue

We began the first trip down memory lane this week, with my first visit to Warhammer World back in 1999. This won't be the only article, I noticed that we have some 10 year anniversaries of events and such, that I want to cover as well. And I am pretty sure, Bolt Thrower fits in there quite well.

Games Workshop - Warhammer World Ticket Games Workshop - Siege of Terra Warhammer Fantasy - Battle of Chateau D'Or

I enjoyed smaller scales this week as well. Covered my air support for Cruel Seas. And decided to build a few 15mm tanks, that I had around, as they would take up less space build than on sprue. Besides, they are adorable. Will write something on those as well, they are allied tanks. The axis are already built and stowed in a box.

Cruel Seas - Trumpeter Scale Plastic Soldier Company - 15mm Sprues Plastic Soldier Company - Sherman 15mm vs Rubicon 28mm

We went out for a hike yesterday. That's how it looks just 5 minutes from home for us. There is a small, but very well made playground in Ettersdorf, the weather was great, not too hot nor too windy. And just look at the sight.

Montabaur Ettersdorf Montabaur Ettersdorf Montabaur Ettersdorf

I finished Deep Space Nine this week, and one of the final episodes, S7E20 The Changing Face of Evil, covers Julian Bashir (played by Alexander Siddiq) and Miles O'Brien (played by Colm Meaney) having a go at wargaming the Alamo. The show is available on Netflix, takes a bit to get hooked, but is worth watching. I now went on with Voyager, the style is clearly more classic trek / TNG, but has some storylines that cross over with DS9 content (like the maquis).

Deep Space Nine - Season 7 Episode 20 Wargaming the Alamo Deep Space Nine - Season 7 Episode 20 Wargaming the Alamo Deep Space Nine - Season 7 Episode 20 Wargaming the Alamo

Space Force on the other hand... It started last weekend on Netflix. Well, it is not bad, but it really does not get to you like The Office or Arrested Development. I think the problem is the writing, which is mediocre and far below its potential, especially with that cast. So far a second season hasn't been ordered and with the feedback so far by the critics, I am not sure if we will see one.

I am looking forward to F is for Family, which starts its 4th season on thursday, available on Netflix as well. With summer being a bit less active on tv shows, I'll try to give the Witcher another go after it didn't really got through to me, and will have to see about Sky with Das Boot 2nd Season and Babylon Berlin 3rd Season.

That's it for today. Stay safe. If you want to know what I am up to during the week, drop by later or follow me on Instagram.

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