A miniature Odyssey – Peltastic start

While I was removing moldlines and assembling the first minis, I had the idea to give each troop of my Mortal Gods army a certain theme. Well, that's not that easy, since there were no real uniforms in ancient Greece - everyone brought what they had with them to the battle. But since I'm more the "Rule of Cool" type, I decided to give the first squad of Peltasts a Thracian character, i.e. shields with rather rural looking patterns like cowhides and helmets in Phrygian style.

A miniature Odyssey – Peltastic start A miniature Odyssey – Peltastic start

Unfortunately I noticed after the first model that I only had one Phrygian helmet in the cast and eventually turned them into a few common mercenaries. Although there was no real uniform in ancient times, I will use green tones for the rest of the troop and keep the helmets in silver.

A miniature Odyssey – Peltastic start A miniature Odyssey – Peltastic start

Even though 430 B.C. was already the Iron Age, there were at this time almost exclusively helmets made of bronze, but even here, in favor of the visual appearance I will keep this look. This should give the impression that the members of this unit are from the same area.

A miniature Odyssey – Peltastic start

The main thing is that it looks good on the playing field and that it works well within the overall picture. In the Mortal Gods Facebook group I even managed to inspire the guys from Footstore Miniatures and won a 10% discount on my next order in the store. What do you think I should spend it on? Would you like to see a particular mini painted in my style?

Let me know and leave a comment!


Greetings from the mercenary camp


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