Realm of Chaos – Hooves and Fur Part XI

The third and final block of the summer project overs two Bestigors, a Minotaurus, the Beastmen Chieftain and two bonus Nurgle Ungors, that I already prepared in the last update of Hooves and Fur.

Realm of Chaos - Brayherd

Beside the Ungor conversion, I had to do a bit of sculpting on the to cover up the gaps on the minotaurus on the neck and right arm. Works quite well, especially the neck area needed work, as the offset was quite noticeable.

Realm of Chaos - Brayherd Realm of Chaos - Brayherd

Beyond that, standard procedure, black primer and grey drybrush. If you're wondering why there are only the four, I wanted to stay within the paint scheme and will do the Nurgligors seperately.

Realm of Chaos - Brayherd Realm of Chaos - Brayherd

The base colours are the same as with the regular gors (with the updates from the second block), I might go for a darker second wash, as I want the the elite to be a bit darker. As for the minotaurus, I might do the highlights a bit more reddish instead of fleshy, or at least go for a stronger contrast between skin and fur.

Realm of Chaos - Brayherd Realm of Chaos - Brayherd Realm of Chaos - Brayherd

Now this has to dry, so that I can take on the highlights this weekend. Looking forward to it. The champion has quite a bit of details going on, so that will take some time, as well as the banner (not pictured) and I have to see, how the painting style adapts to a larger model like the minotaurus.

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