Update on the move to the new studio

Last weekend was the major part of our move, bringing over the furniture and most of the boxes. It is weird to see your studio go more and more empty, but it certainly gives you feedback on the progress. Along with my wargaming stock my lego collection went with us. And I have to say, not only am I incredibly thankful for the very practical estate car, but the carport as well, as it made us far less prone to the weather.

Chaosbunker - Move to new Studio Chaosbunker - Move to new Studio Chaosbunker - Move to new Studio

Some may remember such pictures from going the full nine yards at shows like SPIEL. For me it remembers me of all the brick & mortar stores my dad bought over the years (he's a philatelist) and me helping him move the inventory. And it is great to see the new studio assemble. As the measurements are different to te old ones, I had to rearrange the furniture to make it fit. As it is highly unlikely that I'll be able to fit all of my collection into the studio - especially the terrain - I put those in IKEAs samla (or Really Useful Boxes) in the attic and will reduce the stock on those as well in the next months.

Chaosbunker - Move to new Studio Chaosbunker - Move to new Studio Chaosbunker - Move to new Studio

Centre piece of my collection is certainly my wargaming library of rule sets and supplements, claiming a full 5 by 5 kallax and providing a shelf for my board games and boxed sets to store on top. My wife was pretty glad when I moved them from their temporary location in the living room back into the studio.

Chaosbunker - Move to new Studio Chaosbunker - Move to new Studio Chaosbunker - Move to new Studio

I even managed to set up my painting desk, but unfortunately I really don't have the time to sit down and continue painting, as boxes have to be unpacked and new furniture to be set up.

Chaosbunker - Move to new Studio

And of course, there are still a few items in the old 'bunker, which looks really odd so empty. But I am honest, I became more and more annoyed by the traffic noises right in front of it. The "recently" built parking garage along with one and a half year of home office, spending time in just that room, I'm more than happy for the change of scene.

Chaosbunker - Move to new Studio

I got my second vac shot today as well, so unless I am really productive next week the current chances for staying on track with the summer project are pretty low (which just goes towards the challenge part, as I will keep my focus on that project never the less). So wish me luck and stay safe.

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