Twelve months, 20,- Euro Part 11

Holey kamoley, there has been a lot going on in November! First of all, I can announce that I managed to put the second studio of the Chaosbunker into action. I had to be content with a tiny corner before, but now I have a proper mancave at my disposal, where a few projects have already been started.

Streaming Setup

For example, I've already been able to test the first stream of our blog - Malzeit im Chaosbunker (this is a play of words in german, as Mahlzeit means "Lunchtime", while Malzeit means "Painttime"). Of course, there are still some things to refine, but you learn along the way. For example, that for the first stream you should have also enabled recording....

Painting-wise, I made good progress and was able to finish a regiment of slingers for Mortal Gods.

Mortal Gods - Slingers Mortal Gods - Slingers

In the process, I tried out a few different tunic colors right away. The guy with the balding head got the usual khaki color as a base tone, but this time without ornamental stuff, like the stripe at the hem. The slinger with the full head of hair, on the other hand, got Devlan Mud as his base shade, which was supposed to look leathery, but I accentuated it a little too much. The hat wearer, meanwhile, got Sombre Grey as his base color, which I could also imagine as a good tunic color for Athenians.

Mortal Gods - Slingers Mortal Gods - Slingers

I also made proper use of the budget this month and ordered two packs of trees from Noch. These have, unlike my mistake at AliExpress, the expected composition of a plastic trunk and flock for the leaves.

Noch - Trees

So from a total of 13 trees in the pack, I was able to make two large forest pieces and two individual trees. Bunker boss Dennis also had the idea to save the remaining parts of the Sarissa MDF boards for group bases and use them as templates for modular forests - said and done.

Noch - Trees Noch - Trees Noch - Trees

There is still a pack of two olive trees left, but I haven't unpacked them yet because they need some preparation before I can do anything with them, but they will also be on their own bases each.

In addition, I bought the Army of Zeus card set for Mortal Gods Mythic after it finally became available from a retailer here in Germany. For the hobby, the Brexit is starting to be a huge pain...on the other hand, European hobby producers are benefiting from it.

Mortal Gods - Card Deck

I will probably review the card set in a stream. I'm just undecided about whether I should do the stream in English or German. Just give me some feedback on it please.

As you can also field a lot of Satyrs in the Army of Zeus, I also treated myself with an early Christmas present, since it was still in the budget, and got a pack of Fauns from Wargames Atlantic. The models are a bit more delicate than the usual 28mm models, but they are easy to convert. I'll show you the results when the Mortal Gods project comes to an end.

Wargames Atlantic - Faun Warband Wargames Atlantic - Faun Warband

My purchases this month therefore amount to €84.73, leaving €3.44 left over, leaving €23.44 available for December.

Since I watched Star Wars Bad Batch this month and feel slightly hooked, I may make a small pleasure purchase and organize a model from the printer for the end of the year...on the other hand I just might stay sensible and just take the budget into next year.

Because as it looks my great restraint with 20, - € hobby budget per month is marked by success and I think I will continue this method in the future. In December, there will probably be one or two more articles from me, as I no longer expect to be able to tackle much for the hobby, but much for streaming due to the Christmas activities in the circle of my family. We will see.


Greetings from the (second) Chaosbunker


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