November 2021 review

Coverage this month was coined by mustering my British / Commonwealth troops for the North African campaign. I began with a bit of stock taking, to get a better view of what I had and what was missing, added the much needed transport and even covered one of my dearest topics, Beutefahrzeuge - in this case a 15 CWT with a 2cm Flak.

Bolt Action - 8th Army Motorpool Rubicon Models - Bedford Trucks Bolt Action - CMP 15 CWT with 2 cm Flak

One of the things, that I would like to tackle is an Epic 30k army project, as an extension to my Adeptus Titanicus legions. As a starting point for the Astartes forces I got myself two Thunderhawks, and converted one of them. The remaining project, infantry and vehicles will most likely be 3d printed. I have to see how I source those prints.

Aeronautica Imperialis - Thunderhawk Gunship Aeronautica Imperialis - Thunderhawk Gunship

To stay with "Epic", Warlord Games took the next - mostly anticipated step - and introduced Napoleonics to their own ~15mm scale (it's actually 13,something mm) after testing the waters with the American Civil War. I went and stayed with the American Civil War, it's a neat range for a mass combat system. Napoleonics works quite well in that scale, to properly show the size of the huge battles that were fought and masses of units. Yet, Napoleonics isn't really something that I fancy that much, but I think the range will be a good entry point for those who do. You get a proper load of sprues at a decent price and it certainly is more doable to paint all those units compared to 28mm. The Napoleonics wars just aren't something that I see in 28mm beyond some smaller skirmishes, it is just something that I connect with large battles and campaigns, so even 15mm might be a tad bit too large. I wonder if and what Warlord will add to their own Epic scale, after this (yet Napoleonics has easily enough content to cover for a longer product plan), but I'd love to see some Italian Wars, with pikes and such.

I got myself the terrain from the Warcry Red Harvest box and I am really amazed by the set. It is not that overloaded with skulls and works with generic fantasy settings, or even some Necromunda underhive mining operation. It is quite some work to remove all the mould lines.

Age of Sigmar - WarCry Red Harvest Age of Sigmar - WarCry Red Harvest

As my beloved paint pal really loves painting the big stuff, I brought down the Renedra Castle project (that I have never shown here) and added the only unbuild piece, the broken wall section. As much as I am a huge fan of Renedra casting for infantry miniatures, terrain is simply something were they struggle. Gaps and warpage along larger pieces is an issue, not only with this, but with the whole castle and many of the other buildings. Will need a proper cup of filler to smooth that out.

Renedra - Broken Wall Section

After being - shortly - happy, that I caught up on the White Dwarfs, again the subscription leaves me hanging and I still didn't receive issue #470.

White Dwarf - Issues 467 468 469

As from last month's update, you know that initially we planned to go for Salute, we ditched that for logistics, re-arranged for a wargaming dad's tour to Berlin, which we had to cancel due to rising infection numbers. I was really looking forward to this get together, and I really want to recharge my batteries on actual social interaction, not just another teams/zoom/skype call.

About my plans for this month; I have a good number of days off and hope to spend a lot of them in my den. It is pretty likely that I get some progress on terrain done, and in addition I hope to do so on miniatures as well. Along with some cooking and a day or two solely on preparing items for being sold off.


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