Twelve months, 20,- Euro Final Part…?

Weeell, well, well, look what’s here – if this isn’t the end of the year already! So it's high time to take a last look at my great moderation this year. In the following I have listed what I have spent my money on and yes, even in the last month I stayed within the budget - mission accomplished!

Twelve months, 20,- Euro Part 12

€/Month Sum Spent Rest Spent on
January 20 6,99 13,01 Gras Tufts
February 23,01 0 23,01 Nothing
March 43,01 57,51 53,01 Gamemat and more tufts
April 14,5 0 14,5 Nothing
May 34,5 6,48 28,02 AliExpress trees
June 48,02 44,85 3,17 Renedra Afghan houses
July 23,17 15 8,17 Halodyne Statue
August 28,17 0 28,17 Nothing
September 48,17 0 48,17 Nothing
October 68,17 0 68,17 Nothing
November 88,17 84,73 3,44 Trees, Zeus cards and Fauns
December 23,44 11,99 11,45 Ithorian Gunslinger 3D Print
End of Year 227,55 11,45

As you can see, the purchases have been rather small in nature and have dealt mostly with terrain. In addition, my project focus was mainly on Mortal Gods, which has led to the fact that I have almost finished my second army and enough terrain for a decent game table has emerged.

There are still a few things to paint for the "perfect" Mortal Gods game table, but this part I'll deal with my typically relaxed manner and will finish the whole thing in 2022. In the course of the year it has simply been proven to me again that, as a father of three children, I have rather little time for the hobby.

However, I still managed to finish this archer for my Corinthians:

Mortal Gods - Archer Mortal Gods - Archer

Due to persistent waves of illness (no, for once no Corona, but only regular, stubborn flu infections) I have in December mainly taken care of the family and let the brushes rest, but watched one or the other series. Among them Star Wars Bad Batch, which has tempted me to buy a 3D print of an Ithorian gunslinger.

Star Wars - Ithorian Gunslinger Star Wars - Ithorian Gunslinger

So I have not been able to keep my goal of completing the rest of my army this year, but nonetheless I am pleased with the progress of my project.

At the end of the great moderation I can claim not only to have pulled myself together, but also to have gained a few insights. For one thing, I really do have enough miniatures and can concentrate better on my projects if I only make small purchases. Also, with my painting pace, it's simply not necessary to buy new figures, although the odd purchase every now and then is fine as long as the paint-vs-buy ratio keeps the right balance.

On the other hand, I have found that I get a strange satisfaction from not being constantly tempted by new toys. Of course, I'm a hobbyist like anyone else, but the fun in the hobby doesn't always have to be satisfied by an impulse to consume - in the long run, it actually harms the hobbyist mentally.

So is this the last issue of 12 months, 20,- Euro? Yes, in a way it is. The experiment was an eye opener and personally I will establish it as a standard for me, but no longer run it as an annual project. The way I run my hobby in a satisfying and above all moderate way has been sorted out for me. Bunker boss Dennis once said that it would stand in a nice contrast to the current lifestyle trends...

Fake it til you make it - Meme

...and maybe I will succeed with similar series of articles of self-discipline to give other hobbyists a little food for thought. Especially the more aged among us will perhaps find themselves here and open a new page in their hobby.

Greetings from the Chaosbunker



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