Happy New Year 2022!

2021 is coming to an end, so enjoy today's New Year's Eve and have a Happy New Year 2022!

Chaosbunker - Happy New Year 2020

Make the most out of your time, what ever makes you happy. Spend the evening with your support bubble, get out your paints and brushes, have a good meal and proper drink along with it, get out your games, consoles or lego bricks and take care of yourself.

And beginning with January 1st, do more of the things, that you enjoy, that benefit your mental and physical health. Set a resolution hobby wise, set up a regular a painting time slot, join a painting challenge or get a paint pal to keep things in the flow. Oh and get rid of items and projects, you're not going to finish. I can honestly tell you, it is a relieve to have a smaller pile of shame - and bit sized pieces are easier to chew.

I will use the next days to scope the schedule and plans for 2022 - at least the parts that are for me to decide - and I want to pick up the quarterly challenge (again).

If you fancy some sneak peaks on what I am working on, follow me on social media, either facebook or instagram.

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