Dino’s February 2022

February is over and so it's time for my monthly résumé. I would like to start with an entertaining oneliner, but creatively and hobby-technically there is unfortunately a little low tide at the moment. It's not that I don't have any projects to work on, but this month I simply haven't had the chance to spend some time on them.

Dino February Re-Supply

In the middle of the month I got infected with Corona. I am also aware of the chain of infection, my kid was in kindergarten, got it there and spread it nice and quickly among the family. I don't really know what to think about it yet. Should I be happy that I finally had it? Is it finally the end of the story? Is it worth getting upset that some parents don't want their kids to be tested? Is that why it happened? I could go on endlessly with these questions and talk for hours about the whole issue of misconduct, but honestly, I've had enough. I am simply fed up with everything. Wherever you look, the world seems to have gone crazy and most of it is due to a lack of thought and massive inconsideration of ones next person.

I'm all the more pleased that a little normality is finally returning to my everyday life. My new job challenges me in a positive way and leaves me with a good feeling about my work. In a few days I will be 41 and have thus crossed the border of the age threshold marked by midlife crisis and, you may hardly believe it, in March I will finally play games with other people again. Tabletopwelt forum user Erkwin has invited me on the second weekend of March, where Rangers of Shadowdeep and Blitz Bowl will be played. I'll bring the latter myself, as I have enough teams and boards for four players.

In March I will also finally be able to paint a little bit again. The more natural rhythm of life provides the necessary time windows and also a delivery of hobby materials will finally allow me to continue with what I started. In fact, I've had an order open since December that contains a few essential components for my hobby, like certain types of brushes and paints that I use very often. Since I am aware of the current supply situation, I made sure to only order what was flagged as currently available.


Budget Challenge

From my monthly budget, I haven't spent anything on this, as I don't include paints and brushes - after all, I wouldn't really be able to reduce the mountain of unpainted miniatures without them. But since these things don't fall from the sky like mana, I've decided to keep a separate list for the working stuff. This is not so much to reduce or increase my budget, it merely demonstrates that the hobby consists of them as well.


My February budget:


Remainder previous month: 20,- €

February 2022 budget: 40,- €

February 2022 spendings: 0,- €

February 2022 remainder: 40,- €


Spendings for work material:


As of February 2022: 37,54 €


Greetings from the Chaosbunker


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