Blood Bowl – Mordheim Marauders Part 3

Near completion! I'm very happy to announce this. I made significant progress on the Mordheim Marauders, after the last update mid-February. A second wash on the long fur on the beast men. And let that thoroughly dry.

Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders

After that, I added the second highlights to the miniatures, very close to what I did with my Chaos warband.

Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders

2nd phase - further highlights.

  • Green - 66/33 Citadel Deathworld Forest + AP Green (plain green, the old paint)
  • Short fur - a 50/50 of VGC Beasty Brown and AP Fur Brown WP1122
  • drybrush Bases - Army Painter Monster Brown WP1120
  • Hooves, Horns and Teeth - Pegasus Leinenweiß (Reaper 9061 Linen White)
  • Eyes & Red - AP Lava Orange WP1106
  • Purple / Blue - AP Deep Blue WP1116

Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders

I need to re-do the red on the claw of the mutant, along with some minor touch ups on the face. Yet, as I already did the light drybrush from the next step on the bases, so I could clean up the rim with P3 Thamar Black.

Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders

Following up the third highlight, penultimate step.

  • light drybrush Bases - Formula P3 Hammerfall Khaki
  • Eyes - Vallejo Game Color 72.006 Amarillo Soleado / Sun Yellow
  • Rust - AP Lava OrangeWP1106
  • Purple / Blue - AP Deep BlueWP1116 / Electric Blue 50/50
  • Bronce - Army Painter Greedy Gold WP1132
  • Faces / Snouts - Army Painter Kobold Skin WP1434
  • Weapons and some of the armour - Army Painter Shining Silver WP1129
  • Fine Black Lining - Army Painter Darktone WP1136 / thinned down P3 Thamar Black on larger areas, as the Dark Tone tends to dry out a bit dull / grey-ish
  • Tongues and Blood - Army Painter Pure Red WP1104 (darkened with Darktone and added Gloss Varnish)

Quite happy with the result, had to do some further touch ups on the horns (I honestly hate them on these models, they either completely flat or not properly moulded, so you can't really dry brush or wash them), along with smaller details. I painted the gems on the miniatures with red, orange/red mix and a final with dot highlight, and gave them a Gloss Varnish coat as a final touch.

A quick group picture.

Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders

I might give the long fur another dry brush, to make it pop more. I'm happy with the result of Borak. I'm aware that due to my choice of colours, I did not have the best contrast, but I think I managed to make it work. And I fixed the claw, something I have to paint again with my chaos forces.

The orb on the chaos warrior helmet got a gloss coat as well, and I did some weathering on the beast men's shoulder pads. I honestly have to say, that the sculpt of the chaos warrior in the last picture - you can't really do a lot with that guy, very dense posture and you have to black line the sections, as it is not so defined as the other sculpts - was the most annoying to paint. Anyhow, I'm done with them. Just missing the grass (which will be Army Painters Dusty Earth) and the decals (I want to go with white numbers, and will use either one from the Nurgle Rotters or Chaos Chosen).

Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders

After Rarcel Meif had the chance to talk to the League Commissioner, Dwight D. Durr'den, the Third, let's see how his interview with Andhu'l Morrskal, Owner of the Mordheim Marauders, went.

Rarcel Meif: Hello Mr. Morrskal, it is a bright illuminated sky above Mordheim tonight, do you have a spare minute for BLITZ! magazine?

Andhu'l Morrskal: Yes, yes, of course. The green glow is very ... how would you say ... reviving. What do you want to know?

RM: Mr. Morrskal, you managed to qualify your team for the slot of chaos on the CBL (editor's note: Chaosbunker Bloodbowl League). Congratulations. How are the preparation for the new season going?

AM: Well, we had some tough games in the qualifying phase. But the gods were with us, and even blessed some players during that phase. More or less fortunate for some of them. Spikes or claws are pretty useful, but what they did to Dor'mian ... yikes. A face only a mother (or father nurgleth) could love. Coach will make use of it. I'm sure.

RM: Ah, yes, your head coach, Brian O'Conan. He seems to have the players on a tight leash. The team was very motivated - to put it mildly - in the second play-off game against the Praag Raiders. A third of the Raiders had to visit the team's shaman during and after the game. What was the reason for that?

AM: O'Conan understood what they team wanted, and we received for the 3:0 against the Raiders a nice additional incentive. The Erengrad Ice Bears owner, Bojar Emil Emikowskovic, added a proper bag of gold coins for each injured Raiders player. You know, local rivalries, but who am I to judge. It's a game, and we can put that money to a good use.

RM: Oh, that sounds interesting, any specific plans for investments, Mr. Morrskal?

AM: We have a few scouts out there, looking for rookies and players with specific talents. And as owner, I'm currently looking for the right sponsors and partners, to bring in some of these during the season, as well as to ensure the availability of the proper gear. Through our connections to the gladiator pits in Mordheim, and to some Dawi-Zharr, we are talking to some big guys with horns, so that might be one of the drafts we will do mid-season. But with the current stash, we will commission a team painting, by no other than Albrecht Duerre, the famous illustrator from Nurnburg.

RM: That's a plan. Thank you for your time. We are looking forward to see the Mordheim Marauders at their first match of the new season. Good luck!

AM: You're welcome. Give us a heads up when you're in town the next time, Mr. Meif, and I'll introduce you to the one of our cheerleaders, the Wyrdstone Shards.

RM: I'll follow up on that offer!

So, that's an insight on the next plans. I actually want to prepare a team photo, and post-edit it to look like the box art. I hope that I'll pull it off.

Blood Bowl - Chaos All-Stars

While the paint dries, I'll take the time to add the flock to the bases and acquire the fitting decals. Until next time, see you soon.

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