Blood Bowl – High Elves Team Part 1

We gave you an introduction on the stock for 3rd edition Blood Bowl High Elves and now it is time to muster a team for the Chaosbunker Blood Bowl League (CBL). We did it similar in the article on the Chaos-Team, with the fitting name "for the love of the game", and we will do the same now for the team from Ulthuan.

Unlike the chaos team, I don't need to strip the miniatures. They are cleaned, based and primed and basically ready to get painted. But that's the current problem - decisions over decisions on team names and colours.

Blood Bowl - High Elves Blood Bowl - High Elves


Blood Bowl – 1994s High Elves Galadrieth Gladiators Team

The Mordheim Marauders qualified their franchise for the participation in the Chaosbunker Blood Bowl League (CBL), now it is time to see who Elves ... pardon, who else will join.

Chaosbunker Blood Bowl League

Next up is a team of High Elves and we're going to give you an introduction, just like we did with the 1994 Chaos All-Stars Team.


Blood Bowl – Mordheim Marauders Part 6

Ladies and Gentlemen, let's get ready to fumble! The first team of the CBL is ready - the Mordheim Marauders are here!

Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders

I have prepared a full roster for the Chaos Team, with 16 players, covering 10 beastmen and 4 chaos warriors incl. mutations, as well as two Star Players, using the classic miniatures from the 1994s Chaos All Stars team, released for the 3rd edition of Blood Bowl.


Blood Bowl – Mordheim Marauders Part 5

And now it is time for decals! I chose the white numbers from the Nurgle Rotters and grabbed my decal set from Vallejo to get started.

Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders


Blood Bowl – Mordheim Marauders Part 4

Getting closer to the completion of the first Chaosbunker Blood Bowl League (CBL) franchise, the Mordheim Marauders. And it was time for Groundskeeper Willie to do something about the turf.

Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders


Blood Bowl – Mordheim Marauders Part 3

Near completion! I'm very happy to announce this. I made significant progress on the Mordheim Marauders, after the last update mid-February. A second wash on the long fur on the beast men. And let that thoroughly dry.

Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders

After that, I added the second highlights to the miniatures, very close to what I did with my Chaos warband.

Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders


Blood Bowl – Mordheim Marauders Part 2

You read the introduction of the Mordheim Marauders in the first part, I had them primed and started painting, keeping close to my recipe for Beastmen from the Realm of Chaos Warband.

Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders


Blood Bowl – Mordheim Marauders Part 1

After the initial introduction of the roster and lineup of the Chaos Team, it is the time to get started.

Blood Bowl - Chaos Team


Blood Bowl – 1994s Chaos All-Stars Team

I've talked about the start of a new league franchise, and while the team owners are battling over which Chaos team will start in the new CBL (Chaosbunker Bloodbowl League), let's see how the roster is set up.

The league is set up around the miniatures from the 3rd edition of Blood Bowl, which was released in 1994 and partially updated beginning in the 2000's. Blood Bowl was a side-game produced by Games Workshop directly back in the day, later moved to Fanatic Games / Specialist Games and nowadays split between Games Workshop and Forge World.

The initial White Dwarf issue was UK Issue #174 in April 1994, to introduce the new boxed starter game and retiring the 1987 boxed set, that was quite popular, covered plastic miniatures, had an astrogranite matchfield and even a Dungeon Bowl supplement, that added even more plastic miniatures to the game.

Blood Bowl - 2nd Edition Boxed Set Blood Bowl - 2nd Edition

Somewhen back a lot of years ago, I got one of these for my collection, but during slimming down my stock I handed it over to my oldest wargaming buddy Indigo. But one item, that I'll always cherish is my first ever wargaming boxed set, a german copy of the Blood Bowl boxed set, that I still own. I managed to keep it complete, yet a bit beaten around the edges, but hey, it's in my collection for 25 years and the components used over and over again.


Blood Bowl – For the love of the game

Blood Bowl was my first love in tabletop wargames, and by that has a nearly untouchable stand in my collection. It was one of the easiest to write the evaluation about, and I set up a "new" season / franchise back last year when I completed my collection from the third edition (1994 to 2000).

I stay with the nostalgia and will keep it with the third edition teams, miniatures and rules. In addition with having Blood Bowl gifted to me on Christmas 1996, during that time, for a few seasons, I watched the World League of American Football, later NFL Europe, with my dad on a regular basis.

Blood Bowl - The Great Fact Book 1997 World League Blood Bowl - The Great Fact Book 1997 World League