Blood Bowl – 1994s High Elves Galadrieth Gladiators Team

The Mordheim Marauders qualified their franchise for the participation in the Chaosbunker Blood Bowl League (CBL), now it is time to see who Elves ... pardon, who else will join.

Chaosbunker Blood Bowl League

Next up is a team of High Elves and we're going to give you an introduction, just like we did with the 1994 Chaos All-Stars Team. And to bring everybody up to date, who didn't read the first article, the whole project is about the 3rd edition of Blood Bowl, which began in 1991, and was my first tabletop miniatures game and beginning of my hobby. I still own that exact box, that I got almost 30 years ago.

Blood Bowl - 1991 3rd Edition Boxed Set Blood Bowl - 1991 3rd Edition Boxed Set Blood Bowl - 1991 3rd Edition Boxed Set

Just like the Chaos All-Stars Team the team box for the High Elves was released in 1994, and was sculpted by Gary Morley, who I met at BOYL in 2023. The boxed set coveres 12 miniatures for your line up, 2 Dragon Warriors (Blitzers), 2 Lion Warriors (Catchers), 1 Phoenix Warriors (Thrower) and 7 Linemen. Beside the linemen, each pose you got in this box set had no double.

Blood Bowl - Galadrieth Gladiators Blood Bowl - Galadrieth Gladiators Bring out your Lead 2023

Elves have a very living background in Blood Bowl, as their partially all thrown together as Elves or Elves Union teams, with Elfheim Eagles, the Athelorn Avengers and others. The only separation was done Dark Elves, who had their own thing going.

Blood Bowl - Galadrieth Gladiators

During the Middlehammer-Era, the design of the team was brought in line with the mid-90s design of Warhammer. To play the High Elves you didn't need Death Zone, you had access to the roster from the starter box. Just to play the only Starplayer they had, Prince Moranion, you needed Death Zone.

A while back this team was available in 2021 as a made-to-order run by Games Workshop.

Blood Bowl - Galadrieth Gladiators Blood Bowl - Galadrieth Gladiators

During the Specialist Games phase, the high elves didn't get an update and went back to becoming regular Elves or Elves Union in Blood Bowl. With a new set of metal miniatures in the mid-00s, and with the revamp of Blood Bowl as a plastic team, with the Elfheim Eagles. And as we already have now three diffferent Elf teams in Blood Bowl currently, (Wood Elves, Elf Union and Dark Elves), I don't see the High Elves returning. But we just saw gnomes, so I guess everything is possible

Blood Bowl - Elf Union Roster 2005 Blood Bowl - Elfheim Eagles

I had to go a bit out of my way to max out the slots for my team. If you use the third edition rules, you would only need a second Phoenix Warrior and some linemen. In 4th edition they moved the Lion Warriors from 0-2 to 0-4, and that stayed this way with the Living Rule Book as well. I can still remember, that I bought the team from an online store for electronics and they had for what ever reason this boxed set for like 25 DM. Yet with the additions I have more than I need, so I guess I'll drop the overstock on Dragon and Phoenix warriors.

With 2 Phoenix, 2 Dragon and 4 Lion Warriors, along with 8 Linemen I would even be able to play them as an Elven Union team in the most recent edition of Blood Bowl. And as mentioned above, only doubles with the catchers and linemen. I would have been happy with more Starplayers, Prince Moranion is a nice sculpt, but I like some more flexbility.

I moved my Big Guys from 40mm squares to 40mm round, this is not necessary with this team as they would only have access to Morg'n'Thorg in post 3rd edition, and I moved some Star Players towards 32mm, which isn't necessary with Moranion I think.

Blood Bowl - High Elves Blood Bowl - High Elves

And as we have to start somewhere, is a Rating 100 starting roster for the High Elves using the 3rd edition rules.

Blood Bowl - High Elves Team Rating 100

But mayor problem is going to be the decision on the team name and colours.


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