Battlefleet Gothic – Chaos Fleet Pt 2

The Chaos Fleet is set, and now it is time to choose the models. My "demand" are the following models.

  • 1x Chaos Battle Barge
  • 1x Grand Cruiser
  • 6x Cruisers
  • 3x Idolators Class Raider
  • 3x Infidel Class Raiders
  • 4x Iconoclast Class Destroyers

The closest option would be to try and go for second-hand market, but with the pricing that would quickly move the overall costs for this fleet above 200 EUR - if I get lucky. The either go for alternative models or get them printed. For Chaos Fleets there are two major creators, who cover the range. That would be Soul Forge Studio and ItalianMoose. With Soul Forge Studio coming up for about 50 USD just for the STLs to print these, with ItalianMoose offering the files for free.

All of what I needed was on cults3d. I used the Battleship file for the Battle Barge, the Grand Cruiser for the Grand Cruiser and what is pretty amazing, ItalianMoose offers the (Heavy) Cruisers either as complete models, or modular, so you can magnetize them, or use the weapons batteries files, that are available on their own.

Battlefleet Gothic - Chaos Heavy Cruiser Styx Battlefleet Gothic - Chaos Escorts

Similar for the escort ships, where you find matching files from ItalianMoose again for the Idolator and Iconoclastships, with Raiders and Destroyers. Just with the Infidel Class Raiders, I had to go for MkHandIndustries, who has quite the amount of vehicles in epic and regular scale, but covers the Chaos Raiding ships as well.

I collected the files, sorted them and made a list of what I needed and send them to MegaSonicPunch for a quotation. And after about a week, I received my custom order and I am very happy with the results.

Battlefleet Gothic - MegaSonicPunch Prints

The ships were printed in grey resin (Anycubic Eco Resin) and here's a comparison with the ordered print on the left and my own test prints on the right. Proper detail, less supports as it seems, very happy and I saved a lot of time, especially with the models bigger than the cruisers, as I only could put one of those with a bit of smaller items on a print bed.

Battlefleet Gothic - MegaSonicPunch Prints Battlefleet Gothic - MegaSonicPunch Prints Battlefleet Gothic - MegaSonicPunch Prints

In comparison, Escorts are a very easy thing to print, as I got all of the small ships, I need on a single plate of even a small printer like my Mono 4K. And the print result is quite convining. Only minor defects (on the prow, but that's fixable).

Battlefleet Gothic - Chaos Escorts Battlefleet Gothic - Chaos Fleet Escorts

I added a few bags of Citadel Flight Stands.

Citadel - Flight Stands

Not sure about the colour scheme, but have to see, how I sort out the Dark Mechanicum part of the fleet yet, as I need 1-2 cruisers and a few escorts in the fitting design. Beyond that, it is time to assemble and put them on bases, but that's something for the next post.

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