April 2023 review

One Third of 2023 is already behind us and I'm looking forward to the next gaming events.

I managed to combine one of my business trips with a visit to a gaming club and had a good time at Fantasy-Spiele Würzburg e.V., you can read up on my visit here.

Würzburg Germany A visit to ... Fantasy-Spiele Würzburg e.V. A visit to ... Fantasy-Spiele Würzburg e.V.

The event schedule is updated, and I'm trying to make my visit to BOYL happen this year!

I have another terrain week planed, covering the new Gondor terrain. Games Workshop sent me a set of each kit, but I'm waiting for another order to make the most out of it and show you what is possible by mix and matching. What are my intentions with these? Mix them with my Renedra castle set and go for a medieval / early 12th century monastery look. With the exception of the tower, the other kits should be fit in there neatly and could be used with Napoleonics on the Iberian Peninsular as well.

Lord of the Rings - Gondor Buildings Renedra Fortress Renedra Tower and Walls

Games Workshop did another made to order run this months, but just like in march with the Steel Legion they went a bit overboard on the pricing. In the mid 90s, when most of these models were released, Kharn was 23 DM (19,07 EUR in todays monay), Fabius and Ahriman 25 DM (20,72 EUR) and Abaddon 30 DM (24,87 EUR). If we take 2007s pricing of when the 4th edition Chaos Codex was released, the Daemon Prince was 18 GBP (35,78 EUR), the CSM Lord was 8 GBP (16,08 EUR), they go deep into their customers pockets for - once again riskless, full margin products. Sad to see, as I would like to add the alternate pose of the CSM Lord to my collection, but not at 27 EUR...

Warhammer 40,000 - Made to Order Chaos Characters

While I wrote the re-cap on Warhammer Fest, we got an Epic teaser and I assume this will be very much like Space Marine back in the day and a scaled down variant of the Horus Heresy (most likely repurposing / combining the Adeptus Titanicus and Aeronautica Imperialis range). Why Epic 30k and not just 40k? Well, similar to the 28mm 30k, they can make a lot of use from the Space Marine models, as they can be used for traitors and loyalist. I am really interested to see, what this means for my Imperial Fists.

Warhammer Fest 2023 - Warhammer 30k Horus Heresy Epic Teaser EpicAU - Imperial Fists Epic 30.000 - Self Printed

As this frees up capacities on my printer, I moved up Warmaster on my schedule. There are different options for that conflict, and I am currently checking for a detour, but will go into detail a bit later. As per usual with my projects, I would need two rivaling factions. Good vs Bad on an epic scale, large armies fighting each other. A grand alliance of order vs the forces of evil, Vampiric Wars - Empire vs. Undead, or Storm of Chaos - Empire with Dogs of War, Elves and Dwarves against a huge Horde of Chaos, combining beasts, demons and mortal followers of the Dark Gods, or the 5th edition of Warhammer Fantasy setup Bretonnia vs. Lizardmen, picking up the world wide release campaign. I know my empire, so I have to take a look into these two army supplements to get a better feel for the options.

Warmaster - Bretonnia and Lizardmen Warhammer Fantasy - Storm of Chaos Warhammer Fantasy - Battle of Chateau D'Or

By the way - the replacement for Dice Men still hasn't arrived. It's a pity.

Beyond that, a gaming weekend is coming up shortly, I have a few markers to finish until then. Will cover the event with pictures.

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