Mortal Gods – State of the Game

It's been almost four years since Mortal Gods was released by Footsore Miniatures, at the time still called War Banner. Even after all this time, the game can still be called an exotic one without a guilty conscience, offering an interesting mix of small units and heroes. Thus, it falls right into the niche between a skirmisher and a squad-based game.

If you also have a soft spot for greek mythology or simply enjoy movies and video games in this genre, you'll also be very well served by the Mythic expansion. After I started to build up some armies at the beginning of the Corona Pandemic and have already written about 30 articles about this game, I thought it would be a good opportunity to take a look at the upcoming development and to show some interesting armies from the community. And who better to do that than the great strategist Andy Hobday himself?

So it’s been four years by now and the game has slowly but steadily gained fans. What will be the next step in the evolution of Mortal Gods?

Andy: The next evolution 2nd Edition of Mortal Gods. The idea is to pull everything together into a single rulebook.


At this point, I would express the desire for mini-scenarios, such as "Capture the sheep" or a small build-up campaign, which focuses on the step by step building of an army.

A greek seer, by Sebastian Steudtner

Mortal Gods - State of the Game


Will we see drastic rule changes coming, or will the game mainly stay as it is?

Andy: At this point, I don't have any changes planned for the core rules, as I think they work very well. Only the "Phalanx - Form up" rule I will look at, as I think it needs to be reviewed to make it worthwhile as an action.

A Phalanx of Spartans, also by Sebastian Steudtner

Mortal Gods - State of the Game

Can you give us a slight outlook on upcoming factions? A lot of people have asked for a Troy expansion and a Hephaistos faction for Mythic has already been teased.

Andy: We intend to include Troy, and you are correct regarding a Hephaistos faction. Factions will be the main focus for the 2nd Edition and we intend to include a lot! If anyone has a particular faction(s) they want included, let us know!

Phil Kraft’s Thracians

Mortal Gods - State of the Game

As for game material, we have a lot of cards right now. From a hobbyist's perspective, I love them, but for the game itself, a collection of factions in a rulebook seems more practical. Will they also find their way into the rulebook in the future?

Andy: Yes, all the factions will be in the rulebook. I'm a big fan of cards, but they're expensive to produce and thus, in my opinion, a barrier to entry for both new and more experienced players. Ultimately, I don't want anything to stop people from playing. That being said, all of the current cards will still work with 2nd Edition. But of course, we're also thinking about how we can make cards available for those who want them.

Some Ionian Greeks by Marc Sneyder, inspired by Christian Cameron's novel series "The Long War"

Mortal Gods - State of the Game Mortal Gods - State of the Game Mortal Gods - State of the Game

What is your favourite faction to play and what is your favourite Mortal Gods model?

Andy: I like the Thespians. My favourite model for Mortal Gods is Polykratos of Thespis, Descended from Heroes.

Mortal Gods - State of the Game Mortal Gods - State of the Game

Thanks for your time Andy!


Greetings from the Chaosbunker


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  1. Ancient Indians for mortal gods 2 please!

  2. Thanks Dino – great to hear that there is some renewed love for MG on the way!

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