January 2024 review

So that was January. Mixed weather, mixed health, put a check on it and continue.

We didn't do a Kick Off on the blog like last year, basically because I didn't have the time to come around to it. The month began busy with the very late arrival of The Old World (thanks to Brexit, the french distribution hub and UPS - woohoo). And in addition to be rushed, there is little satisfaction when the items you covered aren't even available. And that has unfortunately happened a few times now.

Anyhow, I prepared a few things for painting. Mostly small stuff, like Warmaster heroes to see what speaks to me the most, and a few Solar Auxilia for Legions Imperialis.

Paint in Progress - Small Stuff

With the review on the re-released Bretonnian range, I picked up my dozen knights that I build quite a while ago for Full Tilt. Dino asked me about doing something that we could host at a convention, and I think Full Tilt would make for a good option here. A few knights per side, a bit of terrain and let the Jousting begin.

Warhammer Fantasy - Bretonnian Knights for Full Tilt Bring out your Lead 2023 Games Workshop – Warhammer World Exhibition Centre

The next Blood Bowl team is in preparation as well, it will be High Elves. I have been tinkering around - digitally - with a paint job. The article will start off with an introduction on the miniature range themself, just like  I did with the Chaos Allstars.

Blood Bowl - High Elves Blood Bowl - High Elves

There was something missing from the holidays. Usually once the "heavy" days are over, I spent the evenings between Christmas and New Year with building a mid to large sized Lego set. But this year we were focused on various things and the Lego Technic range just didn't have anything proper, that I almost skipped it this year.

The only kit really of interest for me was the Ghost + Phantom. But not only was this a post-price raise set moving the price per brick to more than 12 cents, but is an exclusive set, meaning no chance for a discount (I usually grab my legos with ~30% off, when they're on sale). It was an entertaining build, but quickly done in about two hours, so not really good value.

I paid half that for 75288 AT-AT or 75257 Millennium Falcon, and it is a shame that the technic sets have become either more dull or beyond saving with their prices.

Lego 75257 Ghost + Phantom II Lego 75257 Ghost + Phantom II Lego 75257 Ghost + Phantom II

My mom unpacked this Aquanauts set from my childhood. It is still complete and quite the sight. It was funny when I found the twin shuriken catapult bit among my lego bricks.

Lego 6195 Aquazone Neptune Discovery Lab Lego Shuriken Catapult

A nice side project will be the building a Seiko mod. I got myself some parts to build an all-black watch to add to my collection.

Black Yachtmaster Seiko Mod

Beyond that, the blog is running well. A lot of people getting in touch with me for various things and I'm looking forward to this years journey.

I'm currently working on the Crisis Protocol review and I'll probably split that one into three parts, as it is just to much to put into a single review. Especially the terrain is amazing, multi-part slide moulds. Beyond that, we're going to do quite a bit Grim Dark, in both time lines and various scales.

Marvel Crisis Protocol - Earth's Mightiest Core Set Horus Heresy - Cerastus Knight Acheron and Castigator Warhammer 40,000 - Space Marine Terminator Squad

And I don't like carnival.

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