Internal CONflict Rheinland 2023

CONflict Rheinland returns for the weekend of May 12th to 14th, once again as an internal affair. And I was there for the third time, after last year's show and the last public one in 2019. And with it being held in Langenfeld, just north of Leverkusen, it is a one-hour drive for me and much quicker than that for the people joining in from the Ruhrarea or Cologne.

And obviously, we can't cover an event, without covering the parking lot first. Lots of space right in front of the venue.

Internal CONflict Rheinland 2023 Internal CONflict Rheinland 2023 Internal CONflict Rheinland 2023


Battlefleet Gothic – Chaos Fleet Pt 3

With the miniatures set and mostly here, it is time to assemble my Chaos Fleet.

Battlefleet Gothic - MegaSonicPunch Prints

I got myself a drill and created inserts on those models, who didn't have any right away from the stl. If you're familiar with some editing programs like mesh mixer for example, you could modify your stls in a way, that they come with this right from the start. I intend to glue the flight bases to the models. If you use metal miniatures or heavier resin kits, using magnets might be an option. From my research there are multiple views on that topic, some players replace the plastic rods from their flight stands completely with brass rods.


Battlefleet Gothic – Chaos Fleet Pt 2

The Chaos Fleet is set, and now it is time to choose the models. My "demand" are the following models.

  • 1x Chaos Battle Barge
  • 1x Grand Cruiser
  • 6x Cruisers
  • 3x Idolators Class Raider
  • 3x Infidel Class Raiders
  • 4x Iconoclast Class Destroyers

The closest option would be to try and go for second-hand market, but with the pricing that would quickly move the overall costs for this fleet above 200 EUR - if I get lucky. The either go for alternative models or get them printed. For Chaos Fleets there are two major creators, who cover the range. That would be Soul Forge Studio and ItalianMoose. With Soul Forge Studio coming up for about 50 USD just for the STLs to print these, with ItalianMoose offering the files for free.

All of what I needed was on cults3d. I used the Battleship file for the Battle Barge, the Grand Cruiser for the Grand Cruiser and what is pretty amazing, ItalianMoose offers the (Heavy) Cruisers either as complete models, or modular, so you can magnetize them, or use the weapons batteries files, that are available on their own.

Battlefleet Gothic - Chaos Heavy Cruiser Styx Battlefleet Gothic - Chaos Escorts


Battlefleet Gothic – Chaos Fleet

Welcome back to the grim dark space battles, with Battlefleet Gothic. I did an intro post on this dual fleet project, and we have to start somewhere, so let us do that with the Chaos Fleet.

Battlefleet Gothic - Chaos Fleet

I'll be using the fleet lists from the Battlefleet Gothic Remastered (I have the v.033 of the fleet lists at hand) and going for a roughly 2.000 points amount of miniatures as a starting ground, to know what to print and have a small collection for smaller to above medium sized battles.


Battlefleet Gothic – The Fleets

There are three projects, that I'll take on with my 3d printer. Epic 30,000 was already introduced with my Imperial Fists, and Battlefleet Gothic so far only teased with the terrain article.

Battlefleet Gothic

I have talked about it in my parking lot theory article, and I don't have any space battle games. I do have naval battles with Black Seas, and faster, skirmishes with Cruel Seas (both only covering the miniature range, not bound to the rule set) in my collection, but as I said, no sci-fi space battles. Of course, there are plenty on the market. There is Full Thrust by Ground Zero Games (a game with an incredible support in the German community), there was / is Firestorm Armada by Spartan Games (Warcradle picked it up again), Star Wars Armada (which I somehow count more like a board game) and is OOP from my point of view. And then ... there was Battlefleet Gothic in 1999 - introduced via White Dwarf and later released as an boxed game.


Battlefleet Gothic – Terrain Building

While I'm still deciding on which STLs to use for my Battlefleet Gothic Fleets, I already got my hands on some upcoming terrain pieces. You can use flat terrain with BFG, it works fine, especially as line of sight is measured from pin to pin of the bases, and you don't actually need the height of the terrain pieces.

Yet, I prefer some three dimensional pieces, with the huge question going for domes or spheres on bases. I went for a mixture, the large planet would be a dome, as it would simply be too big to store and to handle on the table, and the others would be spheres on bases. I got myself a set of mixed sized and a large sphere made from two halves.

Battlefleet Gothic - Planetary Terrain Battlefleet Gothic - Planetary Terrain Battlefleet Gothic - Planetary Terrain

I actually split the set, as I wouldn't need that many planets and could share the remainder with a wargaming buddy. The two sets I got, set me back 15 EURs, for a two halves 20 cm (8 inch), two 6 cm (~2,5 inch), four 5 cm (2 inch), six 4 cm (~1,6 inch) and eight 3 cm (~1,2 inch) spheres. You probably can get these at your local art store, just make sure you're not overcharged. As you can see, I did a spread of the pieces I keep, along with a brief scale comparison with one of the Chaos Cruisers by Italian Moose.