Warhammer 40,000


Project Idea

Warhammer 40.000 is an icon in wargaming and has a huge number of supporters just because of the IP and the background. This is more of a collection of miniatures, without any proper idea of a certain project or army. The uncanny sculpts of the Perrys, Fitzpatrick and other talented sculptors are just so appealing, that i have to have them.

Current status

Cadian Shock Troops
Color scheme in dark green with black and yellow dots. Squad of 10.

Armageddon Steel Legion
Traditional scheme in beige with dark contrast. Squad of 10.

Catachan Jungle Fighters
Squad of 10

Mordian Ironguard
Color scheme in white with blue jackets and golden trim. Squad of 10

Tallarn Desert Raiders
Squad of 10

Valhallan Ice Warriors
Squad of 10

Vostroyan Firstborn
Squad of 10

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