Paintstarter - Kickstart my painting.

The Idea behind this initiative is, to help me focus on projects and keep track on the growth of my collections. Similar to a crowdfunding, where certain bonus and stretch goals are achieved by pledging, the concept is transfered onto collecting, painting and buying new miniatures. My hobby budget will be "locked" into goals. So, in order to unlock financial budgets to buy new miniatures, i need to pledge by painting miniatures. It is a motivational project, in order to cut down uncontrolled growth and push my painting attitude.

The rules are simple, i will divide my current projects and collection into handy portions aka pledges. Those pledges will be equalled to monetary values. Where as single models may just be valued with for example 5 Euros, a 500 points block of Bolt Action could be valued at 50 Euros and an additional bonus of 50 Euros if i paint the whole set of 4 blocks = the complete 2.000 points army. I may only spend money on miniatures, that i have funded by pledging. So no funded money, no new miniatures. Exception are tools, paints and terrain.

This will create a certain pressure in before of wargaming events. Big shopping trip planned for crisis? Better get painting - now! You get the idea.




Next up i have to do a stocktaking of my current collection. Take a few pictures for this blog, see what i will keep and what might be sold. I will set a starting date and will keep track of the pledges.

The current project log consists of:

Blood Bowl - Human Team #1
Blood Bowl - Human Team #2
Blood Bowl - Ork Team
Blood Bowl - High Elf Team
Blood Bowl - Skaven Team
Blood Bowl - Undead Team

Bolt Action - US Army 4th Infantry Division and ?. Airborne
Bolt Action - British 21st Army Group (incl. Paratroopers)
Bolt Action - British 8th Army "Desert Rats" and LRDG
Bolt Action - Spanish Carlists & Nationalists
Bolt Action - Deutsches Afrika Korps
Bolt Action - 37. Infanterie Division der Wehrmacht

Counter Strike / SWAT Team Action

Endless Waves of Necromunda / Inq28 / Inquimunda

Freebooter Goblins

Generic Sci-Fi Human Army

Generic Fantasy Ork Army

Gladiators 28 or 40mm

Hell Dorado Westerners

Infinity PanOceania

Legends of the Old West

SAGA Anglo Saxons
SAGA CnC Spanish Crusaders


Warheads - Wave 2, 3 and 4


Limited Editions, Busts, Large Scales and Single Miniatures




None yet


Euros Pledges

0.00 EUR

This initiative is non-commercial and completely unaffiliated with Kickstarter. It is just a humourus nod to the successful crowdfunding plattform. No infrigement of the brand intended.

Status of the current project.

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