SAGA C&C Spaniards

SAGA Crescent & Cross

Project idea

A short overview on the 6 points Warband for Saga Crescent & Cross. I've chosen Spaniards.

The 6 points cover

1 Warlord / Duque
2 Units of 4 mounted Hearthguard / caballeros
2 Units of 8 Warriors on foot / guerreros
1 Unit of 12 Levies with Bows / arqueros
1 Unit of 12 Levies with Crossbows / ballesteros

Additional Dog of War Troubadour / Bard (the musician from the mounted command blister).

My warband is lead by a Duke ("Duque") from the region of Cantabria, belonging to the Kingdom of Castile. He is accompanied by a group of Hearthguard / Caballeros. I am thinking of making them Knights from the Order of Calatrava, or at least some lesser noblemen.
They are backed with two units of Warriors / Guerreros with spears and some shooting power delivered by levies with bows and crossbows, Arqueros and Ballesteros.

As for the fluff, Cantabria is the corner of Spain that was the origin of the Reconquista (together with Asturia) and was never conquered by the Moors. That is the reason why i left any muslim elements (head gear etc.) out of the warband. Cantabria wasn't a kingdom of their own, the belonged to Castille. With Santander as a  harbour city my Warband would be a bit richer than the smaller towns and cities in the plains and mountains, therefore i went with more chainmal on my soldiers. As for the colours, its going to be a mixture of yellow-red and the black cloth with red cross of the Order of Calatrava.

SAGA Crescent & Cross - Spaniards SAGA Crescent & Cross - Spaniards SAGA Crescent & Cross - Spaniards

I have to say, the overall casting quality isn't the best. Lots of flash and mold lines, in some cases across the face. No, no, no me gusta. Beside that one of two mispacks, i am missing the 3rd knight from the mounted command blister. Oh and this one guy was in the spearmen blister, no idea what he is, definetly not a spanish crusader.


Perry Mispack

So i got a lot of cleaning to do with these miniatures, as well as the reclamation of the third knight. All in all, this warband cost me around 110 Euros at last week crisis. Not bad for a whole warband out of pewter with roughly 50 miniatures.

Current Status

First up, basing and painting.

Spanish Banners Cantabrian Banner Holy Order of Calatrava

Further plans

Maybe adding some additional Units, perhaps a few Dogs of War. Pilgrims (mixed of Armed Pilgrims and Clericals) and perhaps some Turcopoles. I am still not sure, if i should replace the Knights with the Knight Hospitaller miniatures, to fit them better with the idea of being Knights of Calatrava. Thus making the knights better armoured, but mounted warrior unit to be fast / move agile on the battlefield.

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