Iron giants, iron calves and hovering boats

I saw this picture on facebook, it is a K2SO toy converted by Steve Perry (Rubicon Models UK represenatitv) into a 28mm terrain piece. That would be awesome for all kinds of Sci-Fi settings, from the Ashwastes of Necromunda, over Gates of Antares to Rogue Stars.

Star Wars - K2SO Ruins


Warhammer 40,000 STC Ryza Pattern Ruins

Along with the Necromunda Release, Games Workshop put a lot of suiting terrain on the market. As a "entry" product, with a low price barrier the STC Ryza Pattern Ruins caught my eye and were added to my terrain collection, for their generic yet very 40k like style.

Warhammer 40,000 - STC Ryza Pattern Ruins Warhammer 40,000 - STC Ryza Pattern Ruins


Dark Imperium – Praise Father Nurgle

The new Warhammer 40,000 Set Dark Imperium was released recently and I split the box with a few people, keeping two Death Guard Plague Marines, the twenty Pox Walkers and a handful of Primaris Marines for myself. For this article, I want to keep the focus on the followers of the great father Nurgle.

The Pox Walkers have their own sprue, which is included two times in the set (basically giving you two sets of 10 each) and the body of a Death Guard Plague Marine. I went with the Plague Marine 8a and 8g.

Dark Imperium - Deathguard


Triumvirate of the Imperium – Inquisitor Greyfax

Since today the Triumvirate of the Imperium is available, a combined heroes set with 5 miniatures in total, the Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl, the Inquisitor Greyfax as well as St. Celestine, with her entourage of Eleanor and Genevieve.

Triumvirate of the Imperium Triumvirate of the Imperium


Pinterest: Grim Dark, Steampunk and the sands of Africa

December is moving forward, closer to christmas and it is time again to cover some more picks from pinterest and the boards.

The french Blog le Kouzes is entirely focussed on 40k, some really nice conversions and he covers an advent calendar as well. Just look at this conversions, like the arbites from the latest human Blood Bowl team, the flyer based upon a knight or this extensive plague centurion. If you dig into it, you'll find years and years of content, going back to 2008 (56 articles alone back then...).

Le Blog de Kouzes Le Blog de Kouzes Le Blog de Kouzes


Easter, Short Holidays and Events

Easter is coming, and i have a short break from work for a couple of days. I started painting the Imperial Knight, as a Freeblade. I did a review on this kit, the Imperial Knight, and while painting it I am still bummed out about the Decal "fraud".

I kept most of the parts unglued, for easier painting. All parts were primed Black, and the armour parts were given a nice primer with Bolt Action German Fieldgrey, a very greenish grey. The metal parts got heavily drybrushed with metal from AP, but will get another go to really bring out the shiny color. As a contrast to the green, i choosed a bronze /brown-gold color for the armour trims. I'll keep working on this model in the next few days.

Freeblade - Paint in Progress Freeblade - Paint in Progress Freeblade - Paint in Progress


Birthday, Bitbox and Autumn Update

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who send congratulations to me last weekend. I got some nice presents, like the limited Steelsoul Keg Protector and a voucher for the local kart center. Woo-hoo! It has been almost a whole month since the last update, so let's see.

Steelsoul Keg Protector

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Kickstarters and Dragonogres

After waiting that long and the big question, what's in it? I started unboxing the first batch of the Sedition Wars biohazard pledge. And to be sure it's complete.

Sedition Wars Sedition Wars


Tinnelton Pattern Chimera

One or the other of you may have already read the review. I reviewed the Tinnelton Tank Turret from Anarchy Models and i am pretty amazed by the kit.

So inspired by the kit, i got myself a chimera kit and converted it. Primary i shortened the upper part and moved the turret location back.

Anarchy Models - Tinnelton Tank Turret


Paint, Sand and Space Marines

I finally made it and spent some time painting. The miniatures for my warmachine khador project and the markers were primed and i could start putting some paint on those.